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BiMAP Inc.

BiMAP has worked on log analytics since 2012, and offers lots of solutions and consulting to various companies in the semiconductor, manufacturing, and banking industries, specially on Security, Infrastructure, Network Traffic, and IoT. BiMAP 集先鋒科技,從 2012 年開始致力於提供 Log Analytics 服務,也提供了許多解決方案或是顧問服務給許多不同領域的客戶,例如:半導體、製造業、銀行等等,特別是資安、Infrastructure、網路流量、IoT …

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Cenoq Corporation

Cenoq Corporation is a global information technology provider. We provide ERP consulting, DevOps Tool implementation, and data management solutions to help our customers achieve industrial automation and utilize information technology to improve their businesses. Cenoq Corporation provides product, consulting, and …

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