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Hochland SE

Customer Success Story: Hochland SE At the end of last year, Hochland SE began a project to collect all machine data from production with InfluxDB. The goal of the project was to allow all employees to easily view the data …

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Customer Success Story: FarmPulse FarmPulse uses InfluxDB OSS to store data received from a variety of on-farm equipment sensing technology. The company has been in business for over three years and has used InfluxDB from the get-go. By using a …

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Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments (TI) was founded in 1951 and makes electronics more attainable by creating semiconductors. The organization has around 30,000 employees worldwide and has manufacturing facilities in the United States, Germany, Japan and China. TI is known for being innovative …

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Fr. Ant. Niedermayr

Fr. Ant. Niedermayr, after implementing InfluxDB and Grafana into their operations, has a better tactical overview of four of their biggest printers.

Johnny Bee Good

Customer Success Story: Johnny Bee Good In 2015, Johannes started a project to digitally collect data from honey bees and their hives in order to estimate and improve honey bee health and performance. At the project’s inception, Johannes recognized that …

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Customer Success Story: KROHNE KROHNE is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of IIoT solutions for automatic workflow instrumentation at an industrial scale, and manufactures measurement devices intended to provide absolute reliability for recording physical variables including flow rates, fill levels, …

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Customer Success Story: Zimmer The team at Zimmer use InfluxDB as the data back-end for stock values of precious metals that they use for trade. The InfluxData solution works out of the box, has perfect documentation and so far the …

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Bevi uses InfluxData to gather metrics and events to remotely conduct real-time data analysis.

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