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Gotion is a leading vehicle electric battery and battery management system manufacturer with a global presence (top 10 worldwide). Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, the company’s goal is to innovate and create the next generation of battery technology. …

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Technologisches Gewerbemuseum

Technologisches Gewerbemuseum (TGM), which translates in English to The Technological Museum of Business, is an Austrian higher technical college and research institute in Vienna, affiliated with Höhere Technische Lehranstalt (HTL), an engineering-focused secondary school. TGM has been around for more …

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Ausgrid was formed in 2011 and is the largest distributor of electricity on Australia’s east coast. They own, maintain and operate the electrical networks in Sydney, the Central Coast and Hunter regions of New South Wales, Australia. Their network is …

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eSoftThings needed to use its ​IoT platform eSoftLink​ to transform a smart meter into a real-time feedback tool for consumers and allow them to achieve energy savings through energy consumption insights. eSoftThings is able to collect a large volume of …

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Vleemo optimizes wind turbine operations using Factry OPC-UA collectors and Factry Historian, powered by open source InfluxDB.


FENECON develops and sells electricity storage systems. With an open energy management software, the energy storage devices become intelligent and help to realize the vision of 100% renewable energy. FENECON Energy Management System (FEMS) is built upon OpenEMS, a …

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eSmart Systems

eSmart Systems wanted to put Big Data and IoT technologies to work for its energy customers to optimize their investments and enable next-generation operational performance.


Siemens sells wind and gas turbines to large corporations and municipalities. They provide monitoring as a service for these customers to monitor the health, usage and performance of the turbines. Siemens is committed to driving wind energy’s potential into real …

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tado° uses InfluxDB Cloud to provide analytics from its hundreds of thousands of sensors units across the globe. They use this data to power their smartphone apps helping customers understand energy usage and generate energy savings.

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