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University of Chicago

Customer Success Story: University of Chicago The University of Chicago’s testing framework is based on CodeceptJS and helps to improve the quality of their Gen3 Data Commons ecosystem. The platform empowers the scientific community that leverages big data and bioinformatics …

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Customer Success Story: TCS TCS IP2 is an intelligent digital solution that leverages the Business 4.0 thought leadership framework and artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and digital twin technologies to optimize the performance of power plants that are …

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KYBURZ Switzerland AG

Customer Success Story: KYBURZ Switzerland AG KYBURZ is using the combination of Telegraf and InfluxDB to collect time series data and monitor its entire infrastructure. This allows the company to react in a timely manner if anything goes wrong. The …

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Customer Success Story: ShockIT ShockIT is using InfluxDB to store data and messages from various sensors and devices. The company uses this information to draw charts, analyze them, and send notifications and alerts to the owners, implementing message brokers based …

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Power Logistics

Customer Success Story: Power Logistics Power Logistics migrated from PHPFinA and MySQL to InfluxDB, and it has been revolutionary. With the vast amount of power monitoring data the company processes for sites, InfluxDB has become their go-to database. The ability …

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Customer Success Story: ZI-ARGUS One of ZI-ARGUS’ teams has been developing Industry 4.0 solutions for their growing customer base. Their product — Symbiont — is being adopted at an accelerated rate. The use of InfluxDB has been instrumental in providing …

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Forester IT

Customer Success Story: Forester IT Forester IT is currently using InfluxDB as the IoT storage facility for its utility data. This includes grid, solar and battery power; scheme, bore and rain water; as well as environmental temperature and humidity. Initial …

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Thales DIS Finland Oy

Customer Success Story: Thales DIS Finland Oy Thales DIS Finland is using InfluxDB to add “Man-in-the-Middle” devices to hack information that is available in old industrial machines. For example, the power unit displaying interface information like Current (A) and Voltage …

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Customer Success Story: FarmPulse FarmPulse uses InfluxDB OSS to store data received from a variety of on-farm equipment sensing technology. The company has been in business for over three years and has used InfluxDB from the get-go. By using a …

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