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IoT and Sensor Monitoring

Instrumentation of every available surface in the material world, from machines to humans is a reality. Everything inside and outside the compute is emitting a relentless stream of metrics and events. The sheer volume of data is astronomical, and growing exponentially, creating unique opportunities for businesses that can monitor and react to this data in real-time. Traditional monitoring solutions just don’t have the speed, footprint, and uptime needed for this market.

Graphite Energy

Graphite Energy’s primary goal is to enable better industrial decarbonization. They help turn renewable energy into heat — this helps process industries, food, steel and aluminum manufacturers to decarbonize and ultimately replace fossil fuels. By helping customers reduce their fossil …

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European XFEL

European XFEL are the creators of the strongest x-ray beam in the world. Their 3.4-km long X-ray free-electron laser underground tunnel is used by researchers from around the world. Scientists use their facilities to map atomic details of viruses, film …

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ASTRUM IT is an IT consulting organization based in Germany. They develop custom solutions for their clients to help provide 360º monitoring and analysis of their infrastructures. ASTRUM aims to remove the complexities of managing various software solutions for their …

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azeti are the creators of an industrial IoT platform which enables users to make use of all shop floor data. By utilizing all data available, clients have been able to reduce process complexities and have been able to save money …

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Crosser are using modern technologies to provide their customers with better industrial IoT monitoring and intelligent workflows. They have designed and created streaming analytic and automation and integration software to any Edge, on-premises or cloud architecture. Their solution, Crosser Node, …

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HighByte is an industrial software development company based in Portland, Maine. They are building solutions that address the data architecture and integration challenges created by Industry 4.0. HighByte are the creators of the first DataOps solution that is purpose-built to …

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CSS Electronics

CSS Electronics is based in Denmark with global operations; they are the creators of CAN bus data loggers. They supply 2,000+ customers across 80+ countries with hardware and apps for telematics, development and diagnostics. They have customers in the automotive, …

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HiveMQ is an MQTT broker messaging platform built for fast, efficient and reliable movement of sensor data to and from connected IoT devices. IIoT systems can generate a tremendous amount of data that needs to be analyzed and visualized. MQTT …

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Loft Orbital

Loft Orbital is the leading provider of space infrastructure as a service. It is a Series A startup having raised $20 million+ and has 60+ employees in the USA and France. Its mission is to take some of the complexity …

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