Customer Category: Machine Learning


Gotion is a leading vehicle electric battery and battery management system manufacturer with a global presence (top 10 worldwide). Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, the company’s goal is to innovate and create the next generation of battery technology. …

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Ezako is a startup specializing in machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and time series analysis. Ezako created Upalgo, a time series augmented analytics platform. Upalgo uses AI to automatically detect anomalies in streaming time series data. Ezako’s customers are predominantly in …

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Veritas Technologies

Learn why Veritas chose InfluxDB to implement a solution to tackle the issues of time series forecasting at scale, including continuous accuracy evaluation and algorithm hyperparameters optimization.

Capital One

Read how Capital One built a fault-tolerant solution with full disaster recovery capabilities, based on InfluxDB Enterprise and AWS.


Switch uses InfluxDB to increase card revenue for issuers and save time for cardholders.

eSmart Systems

eSmart Systems wanted to put Big Data and IoT technologies to work for its energy customers to optimize their investments and enable next-generation operational performance.

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