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R&D Denmark

Customer Success Story: R&D Denmark R&D Denmark has introduced InfluxDB for easy, fast and flexible data collection/storage for some of the world’s biggest industrial test benches. Using InfluxDB has helped the company develop, test, and commission its industrial solutions quickly …

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Customer Success Story: Flagsmith As a Feature Flagging service, Flagsmith’s API receives a *lot* of traffic! That traffic provides signals to the company that it uses to power features within its platform. Prior to using InfluxDB, Flagsmith was using a …

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Kuti Tech Solutions

Customer Success Story: Kuti Tech Solutions Kuti Tech Solutions is using InfluxDB to store metrics gathered from user activity on its website and applications. InfluxDB allows the company to display the computed metrics from the values gathered on easy-to-visualize dashboards. …

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Thales Alenia Space

Customer Success Story: Thales Alenia Space Thales Alenia Space uses InfluxDB to ingest satellite data and process it live and afterwards (replay). This implies fast ingestion, real-time processing, huge amount of data handling, necessity of an efficient querying language, machine …

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Customer Success Story: Serko Serko is storing SLIs in InfluxDB and using Grafana to display this information. The goal is to be proactive, catching any latency, error rates, etc., before customers can complain. The company chose InfluxDB to store measured …

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Power Logistics

Customer Success Story: Power Logistics Power Logistics migrated from PHPFinA and MySQL to InfluxDB, and it has been revolutionary. With the vast amount of power monitoring data the company processes for sites, InfluxDB has become their go-to database. The ability …

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Customer Success Story: Ubiquitous His project, called Ubiquitous, is designed to scan online wholesalers and eShops to continuously look for any changes to products or groups of products so that subscribers can receive a notification of the newest updates and …

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Customer Success Story: Hulu Time series data is important at Hulu because it allows them to evaluate trends in order to identify issues and react to them. After working with a number of other time series databases that didn’t meet …

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Capital One

Read how Capital One built a fault-tolerant solution with full disaster recovery capabilities, based on InfluxDB Enterprise and AWS.


Customer Success Story: SAP SAP uses InfluxDB to monitor its Cloud Foundry multi-cloud application platform. The SAP Ariba team chose InfluxDB for its ability to tag metric and event data and enjoy using both Grafana and InfluxDB, claiming that the …

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