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Real-time Analytics

The volume of metrics and events is beyond what any human is able to realistically interpret and take action. Machine learning with real-time analytics is crucial in finding the “signal from the noise”. Whether the organization needs real-time analytics to buy and sell equities, perform predictive maintenance on a machine before it fails, adjust prices based on customer behavior – processing, analyzing and acting on the time-series data in real-time is the problem to solve.

R&D Denmark

Customer Success Story: R&D Denmark R&D Denmark has introduced InfluxDB for easy, fast and flexible data collection/storage for some of the world’s biggest industrial test benches. Using InfluxDB has helped the company develop, test, and commission its industrial solutions quickly …

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Braincommerce is a Company Builder focused on internet, mobile and wearable devices. The company consists of top entrepreneurs that find great ideas and turn them into great business models to build companies, supporting the companies both operationally and financially. As …

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University of Chicago

Customer Success Story: University of Chicago The University of Chicago’s testing framework is based on CodeceptJS and helps to improve the quality of their Gen3 Data Commons ecosystem. The platform empowers the scientific community that leverages big data and bioinformatics …

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Customer Success Story: TCS TCS IP2 is an intelligent digital solution that leverages the Business 4.0 thought leadership framework and artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and digital twin technologies to optimize the performance of power plants that are …

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Customer Success Story: Marionete Marionete is using InfluxDB in a microwave telecommunications mock-up lab for analysis and training purposes. Telegraf and InfluxDB are installed “in-rack” with simulated network core and edge equipment. InfluxDB is used to ingest SNMP data from …

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Thales Alenia Space

Customer Success Story: Thales Alenia Space Thales Alenia Space uses InfluxDB to ingest satellite data and process it live and afterwards (replay). This implies fast ingestion, real-time processing, huge amount of data handling, necessity of an efficient querying language, machine …

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Customer Success Story: Serko Serko is storing SLIs in InfluxDB and using Grafana to display this information. The goal is to be proactive, catching any latency, error rates, etc., before customers can complain. The company chose InfluxDB to store measured …

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Customer Success Story: CONST SSK OOO CONST SSK OOO uses dashboards to query data from InfluxDB and also for direct SQL queries from the company’s Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). The company not only monitors its deployments and app health …



Customer Success Story: NetApp NetApp uses InfluxDB for real-time resource trending, SLO/SLI calculations, and alerting. The SRE team relies very heavily on the ability to identify trends in resource consumption for critical Linux servers within their infrastructure, DB monitoring, and …

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Customer Success Story: Tokopedia Tokopedia uses InfluxDB to handle real-time analytics operations, recording user behavior on their application. Every user action like clicking items, searching items, adding to wishlists, etc. are stored inside InfluxDB. Since the company has around 2 …

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