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Real-time Analytics

The volume of metrics and events is beyond what any human is able to realistically interpret and take action. Machine learning with real-time analytics is crucial in finding the “signal from the noise”. Whether the organization needs real-time analytics to buy and sell equities, perform predictive maintenance on a machine before it fails, adjust prices based on customer behavior – processing, analyzing and acting on the time-series data in real-time is the problem to solve.

BAI Communications

BAI Communications is a world leader in shared communications infrastructure, pioneering the future of advanced connectivity, and delivering the ubiquitous coverage that can transform lives, power business ambitions, and shape the future of our cities. The company focuses on three …

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WP Engine

WP Engine powers more of the top 10M sites than anyone else in WordPress. They serve 5.2 billion web requests per day! WP Engine’s solution provides their customers with performance, intelligence and integrations they need to drive businesses forward faster. …

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Red Hat

Red Hat is the provider of enterprise open source solutions. Its portfolio of products includes hybrid cloud infrastructure, middleware, cloud-native apps and automation solutions. Red Hat is the largest open source company with over 13,000 employees. More than 90% of …

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European XFEL

European XFEL are the creators of the strongest x-ray beam in the world. Their 3.4-km long X-ray free-electron laser underground tunnel is used by researchers from around the world. Scientists use their facilities to map atomic details of viruses, film …

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Loft Orbital

Loft Orbital is the leading provider of space infrastructure as a service. It is a Series A startup having raised $20 million+ and has 60+ employees in the USA and France. Its mission is to take some of the complexity …

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R&D Denmark

R&D Denmark is an engineering company that supplies knowledge and turnkey deliveries to customers within a wide range of aerospace and wind energy production industries. They have broad industry knowledge and highly specialized engineers which helps them provide their customers …

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Braincommerce is a Company Builder focused on internet, mobile and wearable devices. The company consists of top entrepreneurs that find great ideas and turn them into great business models, supporting companies both operationally and financially. As passionate entrepreneurs and operators …

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University of Chicago

The Center for Translational Data Science at the University of Chicago is developing the discipline of data science and its applications to problems in biology, medicine, healthcare and the environment. They develop and operate large-scale data platforms to support research …

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TCS helps customers achieve their business objectives by providing innovative, best-in-class consulting, IT solutions and services. The company functions as a full stakeholder to business, offering a consulting-led approach with an integrated portfolio of technology-led solutions that encompass the entire …

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Marionete is a leading UK predictive analytics company, specializing in real-time data. The company’s Data Science, Big Data, DataOps and Blockchain teams work with clients on a flexible, team augmentation basis, both on-site and near-site, to meet clients’ strategic and …

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