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Real-time Analytics

The volume of metrics and events is beyond what any human is able to realistically interpret and take action. Machine learning with real-time analytics is crucial in finding the “signal from the noise”. Whether the organization needs real-time analytics to buy and sell equities, perform predictive maintenance on a machine before it fails, adjust prices based on customer behavior – processing, analyzing and acting on the time-series data in real-time is the problem to solve.

Northwestern Mutual

Customer Success Story: Northwestern Mutual Northwestern Mutual’s sales team use Microsoft Dynamics 365, an application used to store client data and tools for the job. Dan Meyer, Test Engineer for Northwestern Mutual, deployed InfluxDB alongside Grafana in mandatory performance tests …

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Zoho Corporation

Customer Success Story: Zoho Corporation Zoho uses InfluxDB to record KPIs on user usage of the real-time chat application used in their platform. They began using InfluxDB by exploring the structure and usage of the _internal database. With the information …

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DXC Technology

Customer Success Story: DXC Technology The team at DXC Technology found InfluxDB efficient, fast and appreciated how simple it was to store metrics and events, the two forms of time series data. They employed the TICK Stack with Grafana for …

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11B Technologies

Customer Success Story: 11B Technologies The team at 11B Technologies were in search of a database while working on a project that required them to watch data and study how trades flow in order to properly categorize information in the …

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Customer Success Story: Hulu Time series data is important at Hulu because it allows them to evaluate trends in order to identify issues and react to them. After working with a number of other time series databases that didn’t meet …

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Innovative Integrations

Customer Success Story: Innovative Integrations Innovative Integrations provides data warehousing solutions for high volume FX market data, combining the power of their complex event processing engine Ethel and InfluxDB’s TICK Stack to provide instant access to market data from the …

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Customer Success Story: SITAONAIR SITAONAIR’s core application is used to report on data consumption aboard aircrafts that are using their proprietary Internet ONAIR hotspots. They use InfluxDB to collect volumetric information from the packet inspector to display the total amount …


ACS Technologies

Customer Success Story: ACS Technologies InfluxDB’s fast read and write times and reduced memory usage allow ACS Technologies’ cloud-based real-time analytics platform to create living heat maps with location data from users, either in real time or from any 24-hour …

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Hyperion Six

Customer Success Story: Hyperion Six Hyperion Six’s core product offering is extractBot, a highly scalable, distributed web crawling and data collection tool that utilizes JSON extraction templates and currently processes a daily average of ~250M URLs. This product empowers customers take control …

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