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Customer Success Story: everis InfluxDB allows everis the flexibility to customize the application to fit the needs of any client they are working with — a component the DevOps team at everis really appreciate. In one instance, everis uses InfluxDB …

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Basefarm AS

Basefarm is a European operating provider of mission-critical infrastructure and other business-critical IT including big data, IT security, application management and hybrid cloud solutions that cover everything from colocation in their data centers to full operational responsibility for both private …

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Innovative Creations, Ltd.

Customer Success Story: Innovative Creations, Ltd. In one project, Innovative Creations built an Industrial IoT (IIoT) solution for a client who specializes in energy management of large-scale commercial estates, using InfluxDB. Some of the top companies in the U.K. rely …

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Vantage Circle

InfluxData Customer Success Story: Vantage Circle Vantage Circle’s user base is 900,000+ employees from some of the top corporations in India and they employ dozens of employees located in India, the United States, and Australia. The quality assurance team at …

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Zoho Corporation

Customer Success Story: Zoho Corporation Zoho uses InfluxDB to record KPIs on user usage of the real-time chat application used in their platform. They began using InfluxDB by exploring the structure and usage of the _internal database. With the information …

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Customer Success Story: Rise As an online platform, Rise collects metrics from a number of sources such as Heroku, PostgreSQL, Auth0 and Google Analytics, as well as data from their own user and platform events. The problem for the team …

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Customer Success Story: Hulu Time series data is important at Hulu because it allows them to evaluate trends in order to identify issues and react to them. After working with a number of other time series databases that didn’t meet …

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Read how Optum solved its observability and configuration automation problem by building Lighthouse and deploying InfluxDB and Telegraf.


Learn how Aquicore’s platform — powered by InfluxDB Cloud — tracks, analyzes and predict building and energy data in real time to unlock portfolio-grade insights.


Customer Success Story: Galaksion Galaksion is a worldwide advertising network with a high-load metric monitoring system that provides actionable insights to their clients. Using InfluxDB to optimize their DevOps monitoring, they collect all of their business metrics via Telegraf and …

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