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Customer Success Story: Ubiquitous His project, called Ubiquitous, is designed to scan online wholesalers and eShops to continuously look for any changes to products or groups of products so that subscribers can receive a notification of the newest updates and …

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Customer Success Story: Sapinet In order to keep their services up and running for their customers, the team at Sapinet relies on InfluxDB for infrastructure and network monitoring. Whether it’s the network or physical hardware, InfluxDB keeps Sapinet’s data center …

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Customer Success Story: Nobl9 Nobl9 does so by arming and aligning business leaders, software engineers and DevOps teams with the insights and tools they require, without internal conflict or competition. They believe in enabling teams to rally around users by …

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Rosca Holdings Group

Customer Success Story: Rosca Holdings Group Flavian Rosca started out by signing up for InfluxDB Cloud and installing Telegraf on one of his servers. He was so impressed with the capabilities and “instantly fell in love with the graphs and …

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Customer Success Story: Axians Guillaume OÑA, who is a Storage Engineer at Axians, has implemented InfluxDB in his professional project. He uses InfluxDB to monitor their storage appliance, in this case, the IBM SAN Volume Controller (IBM SVC), which is …

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Customer Success Story: areo The team at areo uses InfluxDB to connect in-home IoT devices and sensors to the Lifecycle BIM, and in doing so, are able to give context to sensor data and give meaningful interpretations to users using …

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Hedron d.o.o.

Customer Success Story: Hedron d.o.o. Hedron’s internal application is a metrics ingestion system, built on top of InfluxDB and Riemann. This combination allows them to ingest all sorts of events ranging from system and hardware usage, up to application-specific metrics …

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IT Squared

Richard Juknavorian, Managing Partner at IT Squared, explained that he finds the use of time series data to monitor an entire application stack or the health of every transaction to be a highly compelling feature of InfluxData products. At IT …

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Storj Labs

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