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Alex Tavgen

Community Showcase / InfluxAces Alex Tavgen Software Architect at Playtech Alex Tavgen has worked in diverse fields at all levels of abstraction, from micro controllers to high-level declarative programming and all points between, from developer to DevOps engineer. He currently works as …

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Saiyam Pathak

Community Showcase / InfluxAces Saiyam Pathak Director of Technical Evangelism at Civo Cloud Saiyam is working as Director of Technical Evangelism at Civo Ltd with a focus on defining the Civo cloud platform for simplifying Kubernetes and making it accessible for developers. …

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Nicolas Steinmetz

Community Showcase / InfluxAces Nicolas Steinmetz DevOps/SRE Consultant & Architect at CérénIT Working for 15+ years in IT, Nicolas founded CerenIT three years ago to focus on architecture, automation and reliability to make platforms work as expected. Nicolas is a fan of …

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Jim Hagan

Community Showcase / InfluxAces Jim Hagan Manager at Wayfair Metrics Jim has worked at Wayfair for the past few years and has focused on building up its time series metrics platform. Prior to that he spent time at several Boston based startups. …

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