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Nigel Griffiths

Community Showcase / InfluxAces Nigel Griffiths Advanced Technology Specialist at IBM Power Systems Nigel Griffiths enjoys programming and the challenge of making computers go as fast as possible including very large servers with massive databases. Nigel has many decades of IT experience …

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Jorge de la Cruz

Community Showcase / InfluxAces Jorge de la Cruz Systems Engineer at Veeam Software Jorge de la Cruz is a Systems Engineer, husband, and father living in the UK. He has been an active blogger since 2011 and his main expertise, when not …

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Emmanouil Gkatziouras

Community Showcase / InfluxAces Emmanouil Gkatziouras Platform Engineer at Yapily I have been responsible for designing, building, testing and supporting back-ends atop SQL, NoSQL databases and distributed web services. My main focus nowadays is to implement solutions that make the most of …

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