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Visualising OBS Streaming Stats

In these days of home working, more and more people are streaming on Twitch, YouTube, LightCast, Mixer, etc. One of the most popular platforms for doing this is Open Broadcast Software (OBS).

x509 SSL Certificates Monitoring Dashboard

This Dashboard is very simple but can help you with information about your x509 certificates about to expire. You can know how much certificates you’re monitoring and the days to expire to each one of them.

Monitoring My Servers with Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana

I was on the lookout for a simple monitoring solution to keep an eye on a few servers that I am managing. There’s no shortage of monitoring solutions to choose from these days. However, I got lost in a sea of complexity. Most of them were meant for the enterprise.

Grafana ve InfluxDb ile SQL Server Monitoring #2

Merhabalar, serimize kaldığımız yerden devam ediyoruz. Bu yazımızda Grafana kurulumunu gerçekleştireceğiz. Grafana kurulumunu tamamlayıp her hangi bir işlem gerçekleştirmiyeceğiz çünkü verilerimiz yok. Serimiz devam ettikçe adım adım gerçekleşecektir. Tüm işlemlerimizi Windows Server üzerinden gerçekleştiriyoruz.

Monitoring OpenBSD using CollectD, InfluxDB and Grafana

In a “get pretty graphs” mood, I’m looking at what can be done regarding OpenBSD monitoring using the CollectD collector and Grafana dashboard renderer. OpenBSD 6.2-current provides InfluxDB and Grafana packages. A great stack for pretty reportings.

How to Use Grafana (on Docker) to Monitor Your SQL Server (Eventually on Docker Too) – Feat. InfluxDB and Telegraf

In this container-centric era to complement my SQL Server instance on docker (previous articles here) I’ve looked over containerized monitoring solutions, and chose Grafana as my first candidate; spoiler: everything is simple once you’ve figured out how this stuff works, which can be not trivial for a Windows Guy (like me). Note: I’m focusing on SQL Server as always but as you will se everything is applicable in the same exact way to any database technology supported by telegraf.

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