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InfluxDB v2, Flux language and SQL databases

Great new feature of the InfluxDB v2 time series databases and its Flux language : the gateways to SQL databases engines (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server…). More databases drivers to come in future releases.

Registrador de ruido ambiental

Hoy vamos a hacer un sencillo Registrador de Ruido Ambiente. En la primera mitad del artículo usaremos un micrófono y una Raspberry Pi para programarlo con Python y SoX. En la segunda, enviaremos los resultados a InfluxDB Cloud y mostraremos los intervalos de ruido o silencio en Grafana mediante consultas Flux.

Building OHLC trade data using InfluxDB v2 Flux Tasks

If you are streaming financial market data you will quickly accumulate a large amount of tick data which will start to consume large amnounts of storage. Often it’s desirable to resample the data to a format that will be easier to store.


csv2lp is a commandline tool to convert annotated CSV as returned by Flux queries to the InfluxDB line protocol format.

Achieving success with Home Assistant, Flux and sensors

My philosophy for home automation from the start has been that the best UI is no UI, meaning that I just want things to work automagically. I don’t want to fiddle buttons or software on a day-to-day basis. Sensors and automations should do most of the work.

Tutorial: How to build an InfluxDB query using Flux?

Process historians are used to gather high-resolution sensor data from industrial controllers like PLCs and SCADA systems. Once the data is collected, it is available for further processing and query building. This blog post describes the use of Flux, a new language for querying InfluxDB, the time series database behind Factry Historian.

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