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Achieving success with Home Assistant, Flux and sensors

My philosophy for home automation from the start has been that the best UI is no UI, meaning that I just want things to work automagically. I don’t want to fiddle buttons or software on a day-to-day basis. Sensors and automations should do most of the work.

Monitor heating system using InfluxDB

How to monitor heating system using InfluxDB and Grafana, ds18b20 temperature sensors and Raspberry Pi: For this project you need low cost hardware and open source software.

Real-time weather from the boat

I’ve always dreamt of having real-time weather from the boat while I am away, and for analyzing trends after a day of being on the water. Most of the attempts I’ve made in the past have used stations and instruments that were meant for a fixed location which have issues on a boat. I’ve found a few new ways to do this which have me really excited.

Easy Home Assistant, Node-RED, InfluxDB and Grafana Integration

The key to maintain reliable Smart Home is to have a good monitoring setup. One of the most popular monitoring solution is the combination of InfluxDB and Grafana. I will show you how to use InfluxDB to store data from Home Assistant and Node-RED and then how to use Grafana to visualise the data in beautiful dashboards.

時系列データ可視化のための InfluxDB、Grafana、AWS IoTの連携

IoTには様々な種類の実装がありますが、多くのアプリケーションでは、大量のテレメトリーデータ収集します。インダストリアルやヘルスケア、コンシュマー製品、ロジスティクスなどにおいて、IoT のテレメトリーデータは非常に時刻に依存しています。
多くの IoT ソリューションでは、データの収集やレポートのタイミングが重要になります。例えば、アノマリー検出や予兆保全のための属性分析においては、異常発生時や発生の予兆が出たときのイベントが、正確に保存され、わかりやすく資料化されることが必要です。

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