Publication: TechRepublic
Title: How you’re losing developers’ interest (and how to gain it)
Author: Matt Asay

Abstract: Matt Asay, in this TechRepublic article, covers how the best companies give developers a great experience from the start, among them InfluxData. The author explains why the the “race to give developers what they want in a matter of minutes (or seconds) has become critical.” Describing InfluxData as a database pioneer, he shows how the company has taken measures to “help developers and businesses get to results faster with less complexity and less code,” as InfluxData’s David Simmons is quoted as saying. Also quoted in the article is InfluxData CTO Paul Dix, who said that simplicity starts with focus. “We think we can get better performance and developer productivity by focusing,” he noted in reference to InfluxDB seeking to be a specialized time series database.


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