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What’s included in the new InfluxDB Cloud?

The InfluxDB Beta program is a simple way to try an early version of the next update of InfluxDB Cloud. Your feedback helps us to identify and fix issues and to make the platform better than ever.

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100x faster real-time queries

A new purpose-built columnar time series database that combines a hot, compressed in-memory datastore and a cold, low-cost object store for the fastest write and query performance.


Unlimited time series volume

Eliminating cardinality limits makes it easier to support use cases that use metrics, events, logs, and traces. Write data with infinite cardinality and slice-and-dice on any dimension without sacrificing performance.


SQL support

The new DataFusion-based query engine provides more options than ever to query data – API, Flux, InfluxQL, and SQL. Use Flux for data transformations and joins with temporal and non-time series data.

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