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Quick Install

If you have your InfluxDB credentials configured in the CLI, you can install this template with:


Air Quality Monitor Dashboard

Enviro + Air Quality is a solution intended for environmental monitoring that, when combined with a particulate matter sensor, becomes the perfect way to monitor air quality just outside of any environment. At the same time, it also allows you to contribute your data to citizen science efforts, which itself empowers many notable projects like Luftdaten.

Developed in association with the University of Sheffield, Enviro + Air Quality gives you an incredible amount of data to work from for your own needs, while allowing you to contribute that same data to make your community a better place. This Air Quality Monitoring Template is intended as a way to do more than ever before with that data, and it can be installed in a matter of minutes.

Why monitor air quality?

With Enviro + Air Quality for Raspberry Pi, it's never been easier to build your own air quality monitor from scratch using the existing resources that you're already comfortable with. This innovative environmental board includes a number of unique sensors designed to measure elements that include:

  • Air quality (both pollutant gases and particles)
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Humidity
  • Light
  • Noise level

This InfluxDB template will allow you to collect, store and even visualize this data — all so you can start adding your own alerts to make more actionable and informed decisions moving forward.

Many communities around the world are experiencing a significant drop in air quality, making it something that needs to be studied and better understood. Enviro +, along with this air quality template, will allow you to see shifts in air quality in real time to help understand this issue more clearly.

How to use the Air Quality Monitoring Template

Once your InfluxDB credentials have been properly configured in the CLI, you can install the Air Quality Monitoring Template using the command below, or from the Quick Install on the left side of this page.


Once installed, you will need to create a bucket within your InfluxDB Cloud 2 interface called "enviroplus" (without quotes).

To find out more information on how to export data to InfluxDB from Enviro +, consult the instructions at the following link.

Likewise, you will need to update the appropriate Dockerfile with your own InfluxDB Cloud environment variables to make sure that the data is displaying exactly as it should be.

To find out more information about environmental variables within the Telegraf configuration, consult the instructions at the following link.

Key air quality metrics to monitor

Some of the most important air quality monitoring metrics you should proactively monitor via the template include:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Particulate Matter (PM)
  • Gas
  • Proximity

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