Microsoft Azure SQL Server Monitoring Template

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Included Resources:

  • 1 Telegraf Configuration: azure-sql-config
  • 1 Dashboards: Azure SQL DB
  • 1 Label: mssql
  • 1 Bucket: AzureSQLDB
  • 1 Variable: SQL_Instance

Quick Install

If you have your InfluxDB credentials configured in the CLI, you can install this template with:

Azure SQL Server monitoring dashboard

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBS) that is used for the primary purpose of storing and retrieving data as requested by other software applications. The Microsoft Azure SQL Database is a managed version of this database provided as a part of Microsoft Azure. As a managed database, all scalability, backup and high availability are provided as a service to customers.

Why monitor Microsoft Azure SQL Server

If the whole point of a managed database is to avoid the hassle of managing scalability, backup and high availability, you may wonder why you would need to monitor your managed database. There are performance issues within the database itself that could lead to performance issues of your applications. These issues are things like latency spikes, slow running queries, errors and more. Minimizing these issues helps to ensure the availability and performance of the applications that connect to your databases.

How to use Azure SQL Server Monitoring Template

Once your InfluxDB credentials have been properly configured in the CLI, you can install the Azure SQL Server Monitoring Template using the Quick Install command. Once installed, the data for the dashboard will be populated by the included Telegraf configuration, which includes the relevant MS SQL Server Telegraf Input. Note that you might need to customize the input configuration to better serve your needs, including by specifying a new input value.

Key Azure SQL Server monitoring metrics to monitor

Some of the most important Azure SQL Server monitoring metrics that you should proactively monitor include:

  • SQL Server Activity
  • Database Activity
  • Waiting Tasks
  • Memory Manage
  • Data File Size
  • Log File Size
  • Wait Types
  • Buffer Cache
  • User Connection
  • Target server Memory
  • User Memory
  • Read/Write Latency
  • Read/Write Bytes

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