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COVID-19 Monitoring Template

Telegraf Plugins used:

  • Exec Plugin

Included Resources:

  • 1 Bucket: 'covid'
  • 5 .sh files that get the information from the API and convert in JSON.
  • 1 Dashboards: covid.yml - COVID19 América del Sur y Resto del mundo
  • 1 Telegraf: 'Configuration: Exec Inputs'
  • 1 Label: 'covid'

Quick Install

If you have your InfluxDB credentials configured in the CLI, you can install this template with:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an illness caused by a virus that can spread from person to person and it has changed the lives of everyone living on Earth. Daily life has been impacted socially and financially, and everyone has made sacrifices to help the next person stand a chance against this pandemic.

Why monitor the impact of COVID-19?

Understanding the extent of the number of people who have been infected and the deaths caused by COVID-19 are some key metrics that are being tracked by governments and health officials all around the world to answer the question of how the pandemic is impacting our day-to-day lives. It helps them to understand if key resources will be impacted and whether businesses can safely open.

This COVID-19 Monitoring Template provides a dashboard that includes information about COVID-19 focused on the South American region; primarily in Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. Dashboard information includes current data, new cases, graph about totals of cases and deaths, as well as overall worldwide information about cases and deaths.

COVID-19 dashboard

How to use the InfluxDB COVID-19 Monitoring Template

Once your InfluxDB credentials have been properly configured in the CLI, you can install the COVID-19 monitoring template using the Quick Install command. Once installed, the data for the dashboard will be populated by the Telegraf plugin, which includes the relevant Exec plugin Input — in this case, using the JSON data format. Note that you might need to customize the input configuration to better serve your needs, including by specifying a new input value. All of this will depend on how your organization is currently running the Exec plugin.

To find out more information about environmental variables within the Telegraf configuration, consult the following link.

Key COVID-19 metrics monitored

Some of the most important COVID-19 monitoring metrics that you should proactively monitor include:

  • Number of cases overall
  • Number of cases in the past 24 hours
  • Number of fatalities

All these metrics are across the world and the key South American countries.

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