IoT Center – a Demo IoT Monitoring Application

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Included Resources:

  • 1 Bucket: iot_center
  • 1 Label: IoT
  • 1 Dashboards: IoT Center Application Monitoring
  • 1 Variable: IoT_Device

Quick Install

If you have your InfluxDB credentials configured in the CLI, you can install this template with:

IoT Center dashboard

The IoT Center is a simple JavaScript-enabled demo application that showcases the capabilities of the InfluxDB platform. It collects, stores and displays a set of values that include temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2 concentration, air quality, as well as provides GPS coordinates from a set of IoT devices. With this data stored in InfluxDB, the application can query this data for display as well as write data back into the database.

IoT Center is based on Node.js and React and writes measurements into an instance of InfluxDB as well as queries that same database with the use of the InfluxDB JavaScript client libraries.

High level architecture of the IoT Center demo application

High-level architecture of the IoT Center demo application

Why an InfluxDB template for the IoT Center demo application?

As you walk through the instructions of the IoT Center demo application, you can use this pre-made InfluxDB template with your InfluxDB Cloud account to see how the queries can be structured as a part of your learning.

How to use the IoT Center Template

The complete documentation to run this demo application can be found here.

  1. Load the dashboard according to the paragraph above.
  2. Run IoT Center application according to the installation steps.
  3. Generate demo data using the Virtual devices.

Key metrics in the IoT Center Template

Some of the metrics include:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity

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