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Included Resources:

  • 1 Bucket: network_data, 7d retention
  • 1 Telegraf Configuration: network-data.conf
  • 1 Dashboard: Network Interface Performance
  • 2 Labels: outputs.influxdb_v2, inputs.net

Quick Install

If you have your InfluxDB credentials configured in the CLI, you can install this template with:


Network interface performance monitoring dashboard

A network interface is a software or hardware interface between two pieces of equipment or protocol layers in a computer network.

Why monitor your network interface for performance?

Monitoring network interface performance is important in identifying the root cause of performance degradation and network bottlenecks. When you monitor your network interface, you collect metrics related to performance, bandwidth (utilization), errors and discard rate. This important data can be used to resolve network performance issues, proactively monitor interfaces and get detailed real-time reports on utilization, traffic and various interface parameters.

How to use the Network Interface Performance Template

Once your InfluxDB credentials have been properly configured in the CLI, you can install the Network Interface Performance Template using the Quick Install command. Once installed, the data for the dashboard will be populated by the included Net Telegraf configuration, which includes the relevant network interface Input. Note that you might need to customize the input configuration to better serve your needs, including by specifying a new input value. All of this will depend on how your organization is currently running your network.

To find out more information about environmental variables within the Telegraf configuration, consult the following link.

Key network interface monitoring metrics

Some of the most important network interface monitoring metrics that you should proactively monitor include:

  • Total traffic (bytes)
  • Total traffic (packets)
  • Total Discards (packets)
  • Total Errors (packets)
  • Dropped packets
  • Active interfaces
  • Traffic rate (packets/second)
  • Traffic rate (bits/second)

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