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Zookeeper Monitoring Template

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  • 1 Telegraf Configuration
  • 1 Dashboards: 'zookeeper'
  • 1 Bucket: 'zookeeper'
  • 1 Label: 'zookeeper'

Quick Install

If you have your InfluxDB credentials configured in the CLI, you can install this template with:


Apache Zookeeper dashboard

Apache Zookeeper is an open-source project that centralizes configuration information, naming, synchronization, passwords and certs and group services over large clusters in distributed systems, making configuration easier to manage with improved, more reliable propagation of changes. It is a distributed key value store that maintains configuration information and enables highly reliable distributed coordination as well as provided distributed synchronization.

Why Apache Zookeeper monitoring?

Apache Zookeeper is a popular choice as a high availability, reliability and performance coordination service for your distributed applications. As a critical component of your stack, it is important that Apache Zookeeper itself is performant and running properly. To ensure that, you need to monitor your Apache Zookeeper instances.

How to use the Apache Zookeeper Monitoring Template

Once your InfluxDB credentials have been properly configured in the CLI, you can install the Apache Zookeeper monitoring template using the Quick Install command. Once installed, the data for the dashboard will be populated by the included Telegraf configuration. Note that you might need to customize the input configuration to better serve your needs, including by specifying a new input value. All of this will depend on how your organization is currently running Apache Zookeeper.

To find out more information about environmental variables within the Telegraf configuration, consult the following link.

Key Apache Zookeeper monitoring metrics to monitor

Some of the most important Apache Zookeeper monitoring metrics that you should proactively monitor include:

  • approximate_data_siz
  • avg_latency
  • ephemerals_count
  • max_file_descriptor_count
  • max_latency
  • min_latency
  • num_alive_connections
  • open_file_descriptor_count
  • outstanding_requests
  • packets_received
  • packets_sent
  • version
  • watch_count
  • znode_count
  • followers
  • synced_followers
  • pending_syncs

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