InfluxDB Cloud Pricing Update

Effective September 1, 2020

Beginning on September 1, 2020, the following changes will automatically apply to all InfluxDB Cloud use going forward:

  1. Existing Query Duration pricing vector will be replaced with a new Query Count vector, which is based on a raw count of individual query executions and not on the duration of those executions. This applies to queries run anywhere: Data Explorer, Dashboards, Tasks and Alerts. As an example, an alert check configured to run once every 5 minutes will equate to 288 individual query executions per day.
  2. Unit price of the existing Data In vector will be increased.
  3. Unit price of the existing Data Storage vector will be increased.
  4. A new Data Out vector will be introduced for data transferred out of InfluxDB Cloud.

These pricing changes are in response to customer feedback to improve the simplicity, transparency and cost effectiveness of the query/task element of InfluxDB Cloud pricing.

Effective September 1, 2020, InfluxDB Cloud pricing will be as follows:

  • Data In (volume of data written in): $0.002/MB
  • Query Count (total individual query executions run): $0.01 per 100 queries run
  • Data Storage (total data stored): $0.002/GB-hour
  • Data Out (volume of data transferred out): $0.09/GB
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