Build your time series applications with InfluxDB

InfluxDB is the time series platform for developers.
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InfluxDB Cloud

InfluxDB database as a service


The essential time series toolkit

InfluxDB Enterprise

Run InfluxDB anywhere


Metrics collection made easy

InfluxDB Templates

Templates for every use case


Get any data – metrics, events, logs, traces – from everywhere – systems, sensors, queues, databases and networks – and store in a high-performing server capable of ingesting millions of data points per second.

Built on Telegraf, an open source plugin-driven server agent

More than 200 plugins – input, output, aggregator and processor

Write directly to InfluxDB from command line, HTTP API, or client libraries

Client libraries available in Go and JavaScript to push data directly from your applications


Perform analytics across all data sets with Flux – a fourth-generation query language – or InfluxQL – a SQL-like language. Downsample data for optimal query performance and provide real-time analytics for better insights.

Real-time querying with built-in data visualizations

Open APIs for anomaly detection and machine learning

Time-based functions enabled by Flux

Perform complex analytics and math across measurements


Start your journey to automation – set up alerts with a simple click or perform complex anomaly detection based on machine learning algorithms. Send alerts to popular services like Slack, SMS and PagerDuty. Create custom triggers to perform any action.

Supports tons of third-party tools and client libraries

Code dynamic alert thresholds, match metrics for patterns, auto-scale containers and compute anomalies

Process alerts with custom logic or user-defined functions using Flux

Generate alerts in apps (i.e. Slack, PagerDuty), or on message queues (i.e. MQTT, Kafka)

InfluxDB is optimized for time to awesome

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