Why InfluxData?

InfluxData is the premier real-time monitoring and analytics platform provider. Customers trust InfluxData’s products to deliver the visibility and insight into log, metric, IoT, and sensor data to provide an always-on single consolidated view of their information. InfluxData provides a comprehensive set of products that supports the collection, storage, visualization and alerting of time-series data. InfluxData’s is both an active contributor to the open source Telegraf, InfluxDB, Chronograf and Kapacitor (TICK) projects as well as building their products using this opensource core

Architectural Overview

InfluxData Architecture


InfluxData provides a comprehensive set of tools and services to get metrics and events data from sensors, devices, systems, machines, containers, and applications. InfluxData’s collection services are built from the open source Telegraf project.

InfluxData supports both a push or pull mechanism to collect information. The push mechanism is very popular with modern event-driven architectures, used in traditional statistical collection systems (likes statsd) and applications. Traditional push mechanism endpoints are supported out of the box as the monitoring system automatically exposes the write API endpoint. The pull mechanism is used for legacy systems where existing metric end-points are already being populated for example in the /metrics subdirectory.

InfluxData’s collection services are fast performing and lightweight and can deployed from the jagged edge of the network to the datacenter and every point in between. The services have a flexible extensible architecture allowing you can build your own integrations putting no limits on the kind of metrics you want to collect.


Once data is collected it needs to first be stored. InfluxData includes the open source time series database InfluxDB. InfluxDB was built from the ground up to specifically handle the unique time-series database requirements including high write and query loads. With InfluxData you can cluster your deployment for true high-availability and high-performance requirements.

InfluxData provides a simple graphing and visualization application, based on the open source project Chronograf, to perform ad hoc exploration of your data, It includes support for templates and a library of intelligent, pre-configured dashboards for common data sets. In addition, InfluxData supports using other visualization and analytics tools such as Grafana.



Monitoring of information is interesting but today’s modern applications require more than just alerting. InfluxData uses the open source Kapacitor project to plug in custom logic or user defined functions to process alerts with dynamic thresholds, match metrics for patterns or compute statistical anomalies, automatic scale containers, and basically do anything that you can program.


Fastest time to Value

InfluxData’s products are simple, without external dependencies, yet flexible enough for complex deployments. Get started with collecting, storing, visualizing and alerting on time-series data in minutes – not days or weeks. Getting started is as simple as signing up for InfluxCloud, or a trial of InfluxEnterprise.

Highly Available

InfluxData provides clustering in both InfluxEnterprise and InfluxCloud products to address the high availability challenge. Clustering the database eliminates single points of failure,
reduces the complexity associated with setup, eradicates administration and data consistency challenges, and provides ease of use over the alternative disconnected database target approach. Clustering provides automated replication, rebalancing, and failover, while delivering data consistency across the cluster and zero downtime upgrades. Clustering can deal with disk failures, network card outages, SSD failures, and infrastructure upgrades with zero downtime.

Extreme Scalability

InfluxData’s products utilize InfluxDB, a custom high-performance datastore written specifically for time series data. The TSM engine allows for high ingest speed and data compression. InfluxEnterprise and InfluxCloud make use of the clustering technology described above for powerful, simple to use scale-out capabilities.InfluxData’s robust storage engine has been benchmarked to support millions of writes per second to meet the demands of the largest monitoring and IoT deployments out there.

Open Source Core

The InfluxData products are built upon the open source TICK stack. Each of the components of the TICK stack is open source and is available under the MIT license.TICK is just a simple way to describe the four open source projects that make up the InfluxData platform:

  • T = Telegraf is a plugin-driven server agent for collecting and reporting metrics.
  • I  = InfluxDB is a time series database built from the ground up to handle high write and query loads.
  • C = Chronograf is a graphing and visualization application for performing ad hoc exploration of data.
  • K = Kapacitor is a data processing framework proving alerting, anomaly detection and action frameworks

Each of the components can be downloaded individually, but if you would prefer to get up and running quickly with the complete stack we recommend your try InfluxCloud or InfluxEnterprise.


The InfluxData products integrate with key systems, apps, and services to let you gather performance data and take action to make them performant. InfluxDafa understands that you need extensibility for your unique environments. For example, the ability to quickly create custom collectors or plug-ins for unique systems or setting up integrations with other operational and legacy infrastructure. Leverage our native and community integrations or build your own to connect your favorite graphing, alerting or collecting software.

Support for Regular and Irregular Data

When dealing with time-series data, regularity is about whether a set of metrics has regularly spaced time periods or irregularly spaced time periods. Gathering a set of metrics every 3 seconds is an example of collecting metrics at a regular time period. Examples of metrics which are generated across irregularly spaced time periods include the startup of a container or the HTTP requests between microservices. Irregular time series are event driven, while regular series are samples. The InfluxData products support both regular and irregular data by allowing for the storage of all time-stamped events along with a rich set of metadata. In a growing number of monitoring use cases including microservices and ephemeral containers, cloud-based infrastructures, and server-less architectures such as lambda, events are the critical link in understanding what is happening within and across these interrelated systems.

Compute in Real-Time

InfluxData products can handle hundreds of thousands of data points per second. Working with that much data over a long period of time can create storage concerns. A natural solution is to downsample the data; keep the high precision raw data for only a limited time, and store the lower precision, summarized data for much longer or forever. InfluxData provides two features – Continuous Queries and Retention Policies – that automate the process of downsampling data and expiring old data.

Hybrid Deployment

InfluxEnterprise can run on-premise and on your public and private cloud provider. InfluxEnterprise is supported on Docker, Puppet, Chef, Kubernetes and more. Alternatively, InfluxCloud is a fully managed service by InfluxData that runs on AWS.


InfluxCloud is the easiest way to get started! InfluxCloud is a fully managed SaaS offering with all the features of the InfluxData platform. InfluxCloud including a hardened version of the open source core (TICK stack), clustering for high availability and scalability (should you need it), Grafana for advanced visualization, and automatic backup and restore functionality.


InfluxEnterprise is the choice if you want to run the InfluxData platform on YOUR infrastructure. InfluxEnterprise is priced by node  and is the software and support subscription that turns any InfluxData instance into a production-ready cluster. InfluxEnterprise includes all the features of the InfluxData platform, including a hardened version of the open source core (TICK stack), clustering for high availability and scalability, advanced backup and restore functionality, and a whole lot more!

Compare Editions

The InfluxData platform is available in 3 main editions: InfluxCloud, InfluxEnterprise, and the open source TICK stack. Choose a version that best matches your needs.


Great place to start
  • Open Source Core
  • Extensible
  • Support for Regular and Irregular Data
  • High Availability (Clustering)
  • Scalability (Clustering)
  • Advanced Backup and Restore
  • Supported by InfuxData
  • Managed by InfluxData
  •  Runs on AWS
  • Run On Premises
Free Trial


Ready to Scale
  • Open Source Core
  • Extensible
  • Support for Regular and Irregular Data
  • High Availability (Clustering)
  • Scalability (Clustering)
  • Advanced Backup and Restore
  • Supported by InfuxData
  • Managed by InfluxData
  •  Runs on any Cloud
  •  Run On Premises
Free Trial

TICK Stack

Open Source
  • Open Source Core
  • Extensible
  • Support for Regular and Irregular Data
  •  High Availability (Clustering)
  •  Scalability (Clustering)
  •  Advanced Backup and Restore
  •  Supported by InfuxData
  •  Managed by InfluxData
  •  Runs on Cloud
  •  Runs On Premises

By combining powerful machine-learning algorithms with the InfluxCloud infrastructure, BBOXX can identify trends and usage patterns and even detect and problems before they exist.

David McLean

Lead Developer, BBOXX


Whether you want the development of your time-series project to get off on the right foot or need help scaling your system, the professional services team at InfluxData delivers unmatched expertise in designing, deploying and scaling distributed time-series systems. InfluxData also offers two 24x5 technical support subscription plans to keep up with the support needs of your technical staff.

Consulting Services

Schema Consultation

Although InfluxEnterprise does not require a pre-defined schema, the right choices early on lead to better performance, reliability, and scalability over time. Our professional services team will look at the flow of your data to help you arrive at the right schema for your use case.

Performance Evaluation and Tuning

Enlist an InfluxEnterprise expert to help you improve application performance and efficiency based on your system requirements. A Performance Evaluation and Tuning engagement is also useful if you are looking to rapidly scale your application and looking for ways to reduce cost per write. They can also help you configure your data sources and your clusters for the appropriate throughput, reliability, and redundancy.

Migration Assistance

We have the expertise and utilities to help you migrate your existing data into InfluxEnterprise. Our experts can guide you through any migration process to ensure the process goes smoothly, without data loss, with minimal downtime and maximum performance gain.

Custom Solutions

Looking for guidance not covered in any of these packaged solutions? Contact Sales to discuss how we can tailor an engagement to tackle your specific project. InfluxData can offer assistance on a broad range of topics such as configuration, testing, optimization, deployment architecture, best practices reviews and more.

Support Services

Developer Subscription

Our support team can help you move swiftly through the development phase of your project by providing expert support for your InfluxEnterprise implementation. Also included is guidance on the configuration of the database clustering and other advanced features. Contact Sales for pricing.

Enterprise Subscription

For organizations looking for the best SLAs, the Enterprise Subscription provides coverage for more than four servers. Also included is access to our virtual training courses. Contact Sales for pricing.


Using the right tool for the right job is critical to your success. Here are a few comparisons on how the InfluxData products compare to other solutions in the market.

Comparing InfluxDB to Prometheus for Container Monitoring

When selecting a monitoring solution, it is critical to understand both your near-term and longer-term requirements to avoid unnecessary rework and frustration. We believe that there are five critical issues to consider in choosing a solution to monitor your containers. Read more on how Prometheus compares.

Comparing InfluxDB and Cassandra for Time-Series Data Management

Download the whitepaper and watch the webinar as we compare the performance and features of InfluxDB and Cassandra for common time series workloads, specifically looking at rates of data ingestion, on-disk data compression, and query performance.

Benchmarking InfluxDB vs Elasticsearch for Time-Series Workloads

Read the technical paper and watch the webinar comparing the performance and features of InfluxDB and Elasticsearch for common time-series workloads, specifically looking at the rates of data ingestion, on-disk data compression, and query performance. InfluxDB outperformed Elasticsearch in all three tests with 8x greater write throughput, while using 4x less disk space when compared against Elastic’s time series optimized configuration, and delivering 3.5x to 7.5x faster response times for tested queries.

Benchmarking InfluxDB vs MongoDB for Time-Series Workloads

Download the whitepaper and watch the webinar on the comparative performance and features of InfluxDB and MongoDB for common time-series workloads, specifically looking at the rates of data ingestion, on-disk data compression, and query performance.

Benchmarking InfluxDB vs OpenTSB for Time-Series Workloads

As the # of metrics collected and acted on increases, developers need a solution that is fast and efficient to keep up with the demands of their solutions. We’ll compare the performance and features of InfluxDB and OpenTSDB for common time-series workloads, specifically looking at the rates of data ingestion, on-disk data compression, and query performance. Download the whitepaper and watch the webinar.

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