Why choose a purpose-built time series database?

According to DB-Engines, “time series” has been the fastest growing database category since 2016. This popularity is fueled by the rapidly increasing instrumentation requirements of next generation softwares and systems.

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Time Series Database Highlights

It's About Time

A Time Series Database (TSDB) is a database optimized for timestamped (or “time series”) data.

Nothing's Too Large

Large sets of timestamped data are no problem for time series databases.

Up to Speed

Time Series Databases are proven to outperform other RDBS to make your data work faster for you.

Simplicity wins

Lower operating costs mean higher productivity.

Monitor On-the-Fly

The sensitivity of Time Series Data requires accurate monitoring in near real-time; a TSDB is made just for this.

Easy Management

Makes Lifecycle Management of your data easy in comparison to other database use cases.

Why InfluxData?


InfluxData can provide you with the fastest time to the results you need and is easy to use, easy to change, and easy to scale.


With a focus on read-write optimization while supporting full clustering, InfluxData is the most performant Time Series Platform.


Flexible, schemaless design makes InfluxData the leading real-time solution, complete with nanosecond precision and the ability to integrate with anything.


Lower total cost of ownership — stop working for your RDBS, make your Time Series Database work for you so you can focus on what makes your product thrive.

Activate Powerful Features

Build dynamic applications with InfluxData. Harness your collected data to provide rich insights to your customers and get where you want to be, faster.


200+ Telegraf plugins and a powerful collection of client libraries means you can start immediately collecting metrics from various sources with ease.


Lightning-fast ingest and query capabilities allow your applications to present data to your users in near real-time, allowing for quick remediation of hiccups.


Downsampling and custom retention policies allow you to only keep what you really need, avoiding unnecessary storage costs.


“BBOXX turned to InfluxData’s core Time Series Database, InfluxDB, because “it was a fire up and forget database—it just worked!



“With InfluxData, PipelineFX is able to measure utilization every minute and bill at a very high frequency. This high level of granularity ensures that customers get a great return on their investment in PipelineFX.”



“Previously, the only thing we could react to was customer complaints. With InfluxData, we can support our 99,999% service agreement proactively.

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