Use Cases for Time-Series Data

InfluxData provides a robust, open source and fully customizable time-series data management platform backed by 24/7 enterprise support. InfluxData has helped hundreds of startups and multi-national corporations solve complex data challenges. How?

  • Ease of Use – up and running in minutes, not days or weeks
  • Scalable – write thousand of points per second, store billions of points for analysis
  • Open Source – MIT licensed, extensible by design
  • Integrated – Data collection, storage, visualization and alerting designed to work together seamlessly
  • Highly Available – Platform components can be distributed and clustered
  • Real-Time Downsampling – Continuous queries precompute large amounts of data on-the-fly before being written
  • Efficient Storage – High compression and retention polices lower storage footprints and costs
  • Purpose Built – InfluxData is designed from the ground up to do one thing, manage time-series data at scale
  • Choice of Deployment – Run InfluxData in your datacenter, a public cloud or on our managed hosting service


The InfluxData platform is based on the TICK stack. Find out how it can unlock insights from your time-series data.

Next: Introducing the TICK stack

Next: Introducing the TICK Stack


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