InfluxDB Hands-On Workshops


InfluxDB is a great Time-Series database to help you become a master at monitoring all things in your infrastructure. It has been gaining popularity very quickly in the past few years and is the foundation for several monitoring solutions in Enterprises around the world. This training is perfect for developers to get a deep understanding of how to use InfluxDB in the most efficient manner possible. Upon finishing this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for the “InfluxDB Hands-on workshop.”

About the instructor: Michael DeSa is a Software Engineer at InfluxData who focuses on increasing the performance capabilities of InfluxDB. He has led the InfluxDB training course across the US, providing students with an in depth understanding of how InfluxDB works as well as sharing best practices. He has a degree in Math, with a focus on Abstract Algebra, from the University of California, at Berkeley and was an Instructor of the Web Development Immersive series at General Assembly in San Francisco.

Topics Covered

  • Getting Started with Time-Series Data, the TICK stack and InfluxDB Fundamentals
  • Mastering the InfluxDB CLI and Configuration Options
  • Understanding Continuous Queries and Retention Policies
  • Performance Tuning and Schema Design
  • Intro to the Telegraf Collector and an Overview of the Plugin Ecosystem
  • Intro to Kapacitor for Anomaly Detection and Alert Management
  • Backup and Recovery Best Practices
  • High-Availability and Cluster Administration with InfluxEnterprise

Logistical Details

Lunch, coffee, snacks and swag will be provided with breaks taken periodically as the class and instructor feel is necessary. Sorry, there are no refunds. Questions about the event? Drop us a line at:

What are the upcoming training dates and locations?

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  • To be announced

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