Real-time data. Real value.

Gain insights that inspire better customer experiences, automate factory floors, and build previously unthinkable applications by capturing and analyzing data from all your stacks, systems and sensors.

Learn how InfluxDB has become the system of insight for unified metrics and events – enabling the most demanding SLAs. InfluxDB is trusted by hundreds of organizations in nearly every industry across a wide range of use cases, including network monitoringIoT monitoringIndustrial IoT and infrastructure and application monitoring.

Infrastructure and application monitoring

Get real-time visibility across all systems, applications and infrastructure.

IoT monitoring and analytics

Gain insights from all the sensor data, perform automated tasks, and create value.

Network monitoring

Maintain responsive and performant networks no matter how widely distributed the resources.

InfluxDB in your industry

InfluxDB’s versatility translates to results in any industry.

Featured use cases

Machine learning

When gathering vast amounts of data from sensors, there comes a time where you can no longer rely on human analysis and need advanced prediction and optimization models. This demands completely new visualizations so you can make faster decisions to reduce costs and conserve other.

esmart systems

"We do substation load predictions, EV charging predictions, and predict peak loads after outages. It was through this work, really, that InfluxDB came up as a resource for us to store and use time series better than our previous solution."

Erik Åsberg
CTO • eSmart Systems

Time series and geo-temporal data

Today, IoT solutions collect lots of data from their devices and sensors and tie that with many external data sources to understand performance and identify ways to better optimize their operations. In many cases, these solutions also need to consider not only time and the measurement (time-stamped data), but need to incorporate location information. Time and place are relative, and the combination can provide a deeper connection between the data that brings insight into cost and performance.


“Vehicles are expensive both to buy and to maintain. It is important to collect and act on key data such as proactive maintenance management, vehicle geolocation, data reliability, coaching for eco-driving and safety to make everyday life easier for professionals. So scalability really was the operating word here. And that’s why we actually chose InfluxDB Enterprise.​”

Jonathan Schmidt
Director of Technology • Total
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