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IoT Monitoring and Analytics

Single source of truth for real-time metrics, events, logs, and traces

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Generate real-time insights into network health, connectivity, security, and more

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SaaS Operational Monitoring

Create a time series backend to power observability and real-time analytics for end users

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AMQP RabbitMQ Performance Metrics

Aerospike Monitoring

Alerta Monitoring

Alibaba CloudMonitor Service (Aliyun)

Amazon CloudWatch Logs Output Telegraf Plugin

Amazon CloudWatch Monitoring

Amazon CloudWatch Statistics Telegraf Input Plugin

Amazon ECS Metrics

Amazon Kinesis Monitoring

Apache ActiveMQ Monitoring

Apache Aurora Schedulers Monitoring

Apache HTTP Server Metrics

Apache Kafka Burrow Monitoring

Apache Kafka Monitoring Tool

Apache Mesos Monitoring

Apache Solr Telegraf Monitoring

Apache Superset

Apache Tomcat Monitoring

Apache Zipkin Monitoring

Apache Zookeeper Monitoring

Apcupsd Monitoring

Arista Lanz Consumer Monitoring

Azure Data Explorer Telegraf Output Plugin

Azure Storage Queue Monitoring

BIND 9 DNS Server Monitoring

Bcache Telegraf Monitoring

Beanstalkd Monitoring

Beat Telegraf Plugin

Bond Interfaces Monitoring

CPU Performance Metrics

Cassandra Metrics Monitoring

Ceph Storage Platform Monitoring

Chrony Network Time Protocol Monitoring

Cisco Model-driven Telemetry Monitoring

Cisco gNMI Telemetry Monitoring

Connection Tracking “Conntrack” Monitoring

Consul Monitoring

Control Groups Monitoring

CouchDB Performance Database Monitoring

Couchbase Server Monitoring

DNS Query Monitoring

Disk Telegraf Monitoring

DiskIO Metrics for Monitoring

Docker Container Monitoring

Dovecot Protocol Monitoring

Elasticsearch Search Engine Monitoring

Ethtool Command Monitoring

Event Hub Consumer Telegraf Plugin

Fail2ban Monitoring

Fibaro System Monitoring

FireBoard Thermometer Monitoring

GitHub Metrics for Monitoring

Go and InfluxDB

Google Cloud PubSub Push Telegraf Input Plugin

Google Data Studio Monitoring

Google Stackdriver Metrics

Graylog Monitoring Metrics

HTTP Listener v2 Monitoring

Hddtemp Monitoring

High Availability Proxy Metrics

HipChat Monitoring

Hue Bridge Telegraf Input Plugin

IPMI Sensor Monitoring

IPtables Monioring

Icinga 2 Monitoring

InfluxDB Scraper

Internet Speed Monitor Telegraf Input Plugin

Interrupts Monitoring

Ipset Monitoring

JTI OpenConfig Telemetry Monitoring

JavaScript and InfluxDB

Jenkins API Monitoring

Jolokia2 Agent Telegraf Input Plugin

KNX Telegraf Input Plugin

Kapacitor and Slack Metrics

Kernel Input Monitoring

Kernel VMStat Telegraf Input Plugin

Kubernetes Inventory Monitoring

Kubernetes Monitoring

LeoFS Monitoring Integration

Linux Sysctl FS Monitoring

Lustre Monitoring Tool

MQTT Consumer Telegraf Input Plugin

MQTT Producer Telegraf Output Plugin

MailChimp Metrics Monitoring

Mcrouter Monitoring

Mem Monitoring

Memcached Monitoring Integration

Mesosphere DC/OS Telegraf Input Plugin

Microsoft Azure Monitor Telegraf Output Plugin

Microsoft SQL Server Monitoring

Modbus Master Monitoring

MongoDB Performance Monitoring Database

Monit Management and Monitoring

MySQL Performance Monitoring Database

NATS Server Analytics Monitoring

NSQ Monitoring

NVIDIA SMI Telegraf Input Plugin

Neptune Apex Monitoring

Net Monitoring

Netstat Telegraf Input Plugin

Network Response Monitoring

Nginx Monitoring

OPC Unified Architecture Monitoring

OpenNTPD Monitoring

OpsGenie Monitoring

PF Monitoring

PHP-FPM Monitoring

PagerDuty System Monitoring

PgBouncer Monitoring

Phusion Passenger Monitoring

Ping ICMP Monitoring

PostgreSQL Database System Monitoring

PostgreSQL Output Plugin

PowerDNS Monitoring Integration

PowerDNS Recursor Monitoring

Processes Monitoring

Procstat Monitoring

Prometheus Client Telegraf Output Plugin

Prometheus System Monitoring Tool

Prometheus Telegraf Input Plugin

Puppet Monitoring Tool

Python and InfluxDB

Quix for InfluxDB

RabbitMQ Monitoring Cluster

Redis Sentinel Monitoring

RethinkDB Monitoring

S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring

SNMP Agent Protocol Monitoring

Sampled Flow Monitoring

Sensors Data Monitoring

Siemens S7 Comm Telegraf Input Plugin

Socket Listener Monitoring

Suricata Telegraf Input Plugin

Swap Memory Monitoring

Synproxy Telegraf Input Plugin

Syslog Server Monitoring

Sysstat Performance Monitoring

System Metrics for Monitoring

Temp Telegraf Input Plugin

ThingWorx Kepware OPC Monitoring

Unbound Telegraf Input Plugin

VMware vSphere Monitoring


VictorOps Incident Management Monitoring

Windows OS Services Monitoring

Windows Performance Counters Monitoring

Wireless Telegraf Input Plugin

X.509 Certificate Monitoring

ZFS Telegraf Input Plugin

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