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Taught by the time series experts behind InfluxDB and Telegraf, InfluxDB University courses teach you the technical skills and best practices to get the most out of your real-time data. Designed for all experience levels, InfluxDB U provides a catalog of free, hands-on lessons that advance your data skills.

Live training

Live weekly trainings and workshops are led by time series experts who are available to answer questions.

All upcoming courses take place on Thursdays at 8 am Pacific.

July ’24

August ’24

September ’24

  • 25

    Getting Started: InfluxDB Basics

  • 08

    InfluxDB 3.0 Task Engine Training

  • 22

    Data Querying Basics

  • 19

    Building a Hybrid Architecture with InfluxDB

Latest training news

This InfluxDays session replay covers all the learning resources available to support InfluxDB users and hear the future plans for InfluxDB University, including a sneak peek at the course and professional certification roadmap.

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Time Series Basics

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InfluxDB Basics

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Data Collection Basics

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Data Querying Basics

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Get started right away with our self-paced courses and learn best practices on a variety of technical topics.

  • Time series concepts
  • Installing InfluxDB
  • Time series data ingestion methods
  • Querying & data analysis with Flux
  • IoT application development
  • Automating processes in InfluxDB
  • Real-time data processing
  • and much more

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