InfluxDB pricing

Pricing for our suite of offerings, which make it easy to deploy, operate, and scale InfluxDB.

InfluxDB Cloud pricing

Focus on building apps, not managing clusters. Fully managed service available on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Options that fit your needs

Start for free or unlock additional capability with a metered usage-based plan with no minimums or long-term commitment. Or, secure discounts via committed annual plans. To learn more about InfluxDB Cloud pricing, visit our Plan Comparison or Frequently Asked Questions.

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    Free Plan

Rate-limited plan for quickly and easily getting started with and learning InfluxDB.

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    Usage-Based Plan

Removes the free tier rate limits. Simple usage-based pricing — pay only for what you actually use, not projected usage or seldom-reached peak levels.

Data In

Volume of data written in MB


Query Count

Total individual query executions

$0.01 per 100 query operations


Total disk usage in GB-hours


Data Out

Data transferred out of InfluxDB in GB


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    Annual Plans

Talk to us if you’re interested in committed usage discounts, enhanced support, or availability SLAs.

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    Marketplace Subscriptions

Subscribe to InfluxDB Cloud with your preferred Cloud Marketplace account to take advantage of your cloud provider credits, discounts and streamlined billing.

InfluxDB Enterprise Pricing

Self-manage InfluxDB clusters on-premises or in your private cloud.

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