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Capital One delivers the future of financial services

Capital One uses InfluxDB to create a fault-tolerant observability solution to monitor its apps and infrastructure.

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11B Technologies chose InfluxDB over kdb+ to quickly monitor financial data, including trades, in real time.

11B Technologies

5G Test Network provides a dynamic development and testing platform used to test out new technologies.

5G Test Network

A3Sec embeds InfluxDB into its monitoring solution to provide customers with real-time analytics.


ACS Technologies' cloud-based platform provides real-time and historical analytics into heatmaps and users' location.

ACS Technologies

ADLINK stores and analyzes military and aerospace test machine sensor data to gain operational efficiency insights.


AXA uses InfluxDB to store metrics gathered from user activity on its website, servers and applications.


Adobe uses InfluxDB as the database for SharePoint microservices, as it is highly scalable and reliable.


AlertBasket uses InfluxDB to gather essential app metrics, and uses Grafana for visualizations.


Algist Bruggeman uses InfluxDB to collect process data, gain insight into its production process, and provide predictive maintenance.

Algist Bruggeman

Allscripts uses InfluxDB, Kafka, Grafana and NGINX to improve healthcare IT infrastructure.


Prescient uses InfluxDB to handle time-stamped data.

American Axle & Manufacturing

Aporeto improves security for Kubernetes and other cloud environments and provides real-time visibility into security metrics.


Aptira employs the TICK Stack to set up closed-loop monitoring of all its telecom project's components.


Aquicore uses InfluxDB Cloud to collect IoT data from commercial real estate to provide actionable insights.


ASTRUM uses InfluxDB to collect high volumes of time-stamped data.


Atomic Fiction monitors its visual effects rendering server, allowing infinite scaling on a limited budget.

Atomic Fiction

Augmedix simplifies healthcare technology by monitoring 500+ Windows workstations with a dashboard solution.


Aula enables better communication between educators and students at universities by improving the overall digital experience.

Aula Education

Ausgrid replaced data historian and PI system, OSIsoft, with InfluxDB to monitor electrical networks in Australia.


Autodesk's Health Dashboard Service is built on InfluxDB and has enabled data querying and downsampling.


The Axians team monitors its storage appliances with InfluxDB and uses Grafana to visualize the data.


BAI Communications uses InfluxDB to produce real-time observability of passenger volume for the entire Toronto subway system.

BAI Communications

BadShark replaced Google Analytics, New Relic and Graphite with InfluxDB to manage its distributed messaging systems.


Basefarm uses InfluxDB to monitor 9,000+ servers and services, while remaining user-friendly and accessible.

Basefarm AS

BBOXX uses InfluxDB to monitor 85,000+ solar batteries, gain usage patterns insights and for anomaly detection.


Beam uses InfluxDB to facilitate all the monitoring and alerting requirements of its gaming streaming platform.


Beeswax uses InfluxDB to perform 1 million queries/second to provide marketers visibility into ad spend.


Bevi uses InfluxDB to remotely gather metrics from smart water coolers in order to improve performance.


BillFront uses InfluxDB to improve app and services monitoring and to provide historical insights.


Braincommerce uses InfluxDB for analyzing logs in real-time with InfluxDB Cloud.

Braincommerce uses InfluxDB as a backend for its system, monitoring distributed servers, virtual machines and containers.

CATS uses InfluxDB to monitor their applicant tracking system, which manages the entire hiring process.


CERN's monitoring stack for its accelerator systems (e.g. Large Hadron Collider) and data centers includes InfluxDB.


CJC's big data visualization platform uses InfluxDB to store metrics from servers, networking and middleware systems.


CSS Electronics uses Python to process time series data from AWS S3, which is then stored in InfluxDB and visualized in Grafana.

CSS Electronics

Capital One uses InfluxDB to gain infrastructure observability to ultimately improve customer service and uptime.

Capital One

Certa Scale uses the InfluxDB platform as a scalable and secure Kubernetes monitoring tool.

Certa Scale

ChatID uses InfluxDB to monitor and analyze its JavaScript application which powers e-commerce's websites' embedded chat.


Cheetah Mobile uses InfluxDB to store ad platform metrics which are used to improve operations.

Cheetah Mobile

Cisco uses InfluxDB to power a custom DevOps monitoring solution to monitor its SaaS e-commerce application.


CitiLogics replaced historian with InfluxDB to provide efficient and predictive analytics for municipal water utilities.


Citrix developers rely on a custom monitoring application built on InfluxDB for its developer standups.


CloudBees uses InfluxDB to collect CI/CD build logging system metrics to enable better monitoring and troubleshooting.


Clustree uses InfluxDB to power its SaaS talent management and internal mobility platform.


CodePicnic relies on InfluxDB to monitor its containers and the performance of its infrastructure and applications.


Comcast uses InfluxDB to power its monitoring strategy for its Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes architecture.


Commonwealth Financial Network uses InfluxDB to power a Node.js app which monitors firewall metrics in real time.

Commonwealth Financial Network

ConSol Labs uses InfluxDB to simplify how to install, maintain and update a monitoring system.

ConSol Labs

Coupa relies on InfluxDB to achieve its 100% uptime goal within its cloud platform.


Cree uses InfluxDB to monitor LED lights in real time to enable maintenance and upgrades.

Cree, Inc.

CrossEngage uses InfluxDB to ensure its product keeps running and to meet customer SLA's.


Crosser uses InfluxDB as their time series data storage solution.


The United States Army Research Laboratory (ARL) runs InfluxDB in both the cloud and on IoT devices.

DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory

DXC modernized monitoring practices with InfluxDB to enable anomaly detection, ML and capacity management analysis.

DXC Technology

Dell's EMC ECS Enterprise Object Storage team uses InfluxDB to power their monitoring system.

Dell Technologies

Develon uses InfluxDB to power its popular e-commerce monitoring solution.


DiDi replaced Zabbix and Nagios with InfluxDB to provide scalable monitoring of its ride sharing app.


Digipolis uses InfluxDB to store thousands of smart city IoT sensor metrics collected every second.


Discover uses InfluxDB for end-to-end infrastructure monitoring which has improved operations through better visibility and performance.


Dominion Cider stores telemetry and sensor data in InfluxDB from the entire process to improve operations.

Dominion Cider Co.

Drivy uses InfluxDB to monitor the infrastructure supporting its car rental website and iOS/Android apps.


Druid uses InfluxDB to collect server metrics in real time and to ensure website service uptime.

Druid Network

Ekopak uses InfluxDB to save time and enable the team to analyze data efficiently.


Endticket uses InfluxDB to provide sales, venue entry, visitor impressions and other statistics to its clients.


EnerKey uses InfluxDB to store IoT data which is utilized for ML models and anomaly detection.


Etumos uses InfluxDB to strengthen its martech platform's competitive advantage by enabling better modeling and analysis.


European XFEL are using InfluxDB to monitor their scientific experiments and research.

European XFEL

Ezako's data management platform is powered by InfluxDB and improves anomaly detection and data labeling.


FENECON uses InfluxDB to collect various metrics stored and analyzed by its IoT energy management platform.

FENECON uses InfluxDB to analyze insurance comparison data to provide customers with the best prices.

FarmPulse built an end-to-end farming IoT monitoring solution on InfluxDB to enable smarter argiculture practices.


FYI Solutions uses InfluxDB to provide its customers with quicker data analysis and better alerting.

Feed Yard Industrial Solutions uses InfluxDB to monitor its cloud-based AI e-commerce application and to store production data.

Flagsmith uses InfluxDB to track traffic to its API, segmented by customer, project and flag.

Flagsmith uses InfluxDB to offer its customers unlimited load tests and real-time infrastructure analytics.

Fon uses InfluxDB to monitor its infrastructure supporting its WiFi network with 21 million hotspots.


Football Addicts uses InfluxDB to collect metrics from its iOS and Android apps.

Football Addicts

Forester IT uses InfluxDB to collect utility IoT and environmental data from buildings.

Forester IT

Fr. Ant. Niedermayr uses InfluxDB to gain operational IoT-driven insights into print machinery, ink and paper.

Fr. Ant. Niedermayr

François MOCQ uses InfluxDB to collect metrics while writing a book about Raspberry Pi and Python.

François MOCQ

Freedomotic uses InfluxDB to power its modern smart spaces IoT data and automation platform.


FuseMail uses InfluxDB to gain performance insights, reduce email latency, debug and improve its infrastructure monitoring.


GO-JEK uses InfluxDB to collect system and app metrics supporting its ride-hailing and digital payments platform.


Galaksion powers its high-load metric monitoring system with InflxuDB which provides actionable insights to marketing clients.


GeoGraphite uses InfluxDB to store data from dashboard maps, sensors, vehicle fleets and other operational activities.


GfK uses InfluxDB to monitor its new market research platform that processes metrics in real time.


Giant Swarm uses InfluxDB to provide container monitoring through its microservices architecture solution.

Giant Swarm

GigaSpaces uses InfluxDB to monitor its in-memory computing platform which provides infrastructure insights


Gluru uses InfluxDB to monitor its ML-powered smart personal assistant platform's infrastructure and performance.


GoTime uses InfluxDB to create a DevOps monitoring solution for its video-based high school teaching platform.


Gotion uses InfluxDB to build a new data platform for EV and energy storage batteries with analytics and machine learning features.


GraphCMS uses the TICK Stack for a number of SaaS and PaaS projects.


Graphite Energy uses InfluxDB to collect IIoT data used to monitor their zero-emission energy platform.

Graphite Energy

GroundWork has embedded InfluxDB into its network, app and cloud monitoring platform to provide performance insights.

GroundWork Inc.

Happiest Minds uses the TICK Stack to track the activity between VM's and cloud storage gateways.

Happiest Minds

Haschek Solutions uses InfluxDB to implement a DNS reporting system over UDP for maximum speeds.

Haschek Solutions (WEGA)

HealthQ uses InfluxDB as a datastore for computational systems biology and continuous body monitoring.


Hedron is built on InfluxDB and ingests hardware, app and online data, and creates ML models.

Hedron d.o.o.

Herrenknecht AG uses InfluxDB to collect and store telemetry data from industrial machines.

Herrenknecht AG

HighByte uses InfluxDB to collect IIoT sensor data and for entity-mapping.


HiveMQ uses InfluxDB to provide their customers with improved analysis into historical data.


Hochland SE is collecting production data with InfluxDB.

Hochland SE

Hoiio uses InfluxDB for DevOps monitoring of its modular software (CPU, memory and load metrics).


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt uses InfluxDB to gain real-time AWS visibility, optimize DevOps monitoring, and gather KPIs.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Hulu uses InfluxDB and Kafka to create a stable pipeline that evaluates trends with problematic clusters.


Hyperion Six replaced PostgreSQL with InfluxDB to support its web crawling (e.g. stocks, search engines) solution.

Hyperion Six

IBM uses InfluxDB to monitor its attack vector solution and to improve performance testing and benchmarking.


ING replaced legacy metric collection tools with InfluxDB to become data-driven and to improve clients' experiences.

ING Bank Netherlands

IT Squared uses InfluxDB to store and analyze metrics (systems, apps, end-users) from an APM solution.

IT Squared

IXON built its all-in-one IIoT solution on InfluxDB which provides remote monitoring, alerting and reporting.

IXON Cloud

Icotera uses InfluxDB to store data from 200K+ gateway devices to monitor devices' conditions.


Innovative Creations built a legally-compliant energy management IIoT solution on InfluxDB for large-scale commercial estates.

Innovative Creations, Ltd.

Innovative Integrations gains insights with InfluxDB from its data warehousing solutions built for financial data.

Innovative Integrations

Johnny Bee Good uses InfluxDB to collect data from bees coming in and out of hives.

Johnny Bee Good

Jolt uses InfluxDB to support its IoT temperature monitoring solution built for restaurants and similar businesses.


KNU uses InfluxDB to manage medical sensor data (in nanoseconds) to identify obstructive sleep apnea problems.


KNXMonitor uses InfluxDB to store metrics from residential and commercial installations of its remote systems.


KROHNE uses MQTT and InfluxDB to store IIoT data to visualize in Angular app.


KYBURZ is using Telegraf and InfluxDB to collect time series data and monitor its entire infrastructure.

KYBURZ Switzerland AG

Karl's Bakery uses InfluxDB to store metrics utilized to create dashboards to visualize sales and trends.

Karl's Bakery

Kinetic IT uses the TICK Stack to monitor its LAN, downloads, storage capacity, servers and VMs.

Kinetic IT

Klipfolio uses InfluxDB to monitor customers' experiences on its platform to determine best improvement approaches.


Kuti Tech Solutions uses InfluxDB to store metrics gathered from user activity.

Kuti Tech Solutions

LBBC Improves Industrial Machine Support using InfluxDB

LBBC Technologies

La Redoute uses InfluxDB to monitor its e-commerce site with 7+ million monthly unique visitors.

La Redoute

LearnZillion uses the TICK Stack to collect, store and visualize host- and application-level metrics.


LibreNMS uses InfluxDB as a datastore and to power an open source PHP-based network monitoring solution.


LineMetrics uses InfluxDB for its sensor-based self-improvement platform to collect industrial assets' energy consumption IIoT data.


Loft Orbital uses Telegraf, InfluxDB and Google Cloud to collect/store all telemetry data from its equipment including spacecraft on orbit.

Loft Orbital

Lotto New Zealand uses InfluxDB to store performance metrics (e.g. CPU, memory) to ensure reliable operations.

Lotto New Zealand

Luxoft uses the TICK Stack to monitor Kubernetes and to collect metrics from software development.

Luxoft uses InfluxDB to store Collectd and Riemann system and app metrics to enable DevOps monitoring.

MOXIE IoT powers its iOS app using InfluxDB by collecting industrial metrics used to improve operations.


MAJiK Systems improves OEE within factories using InfluxDB


Marionete uses InfluxDB in a microwave telecom mock-up lab for analysis and training purposes.


The Minneapolis Star Tribune's analyst team uses InfluxDB for DevOps monitoring of enterprise-level devices.

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Mirantis uses InfluxDB to store and query OpenStack metrics to support its customers' private cloud infrastructures.


Mirubee uses InfluxDB to store energy IoT metrics to improve efficiencies and to reduce costs.

Mirubee uses the TICK Stack in its multi-cloud management platform which helps simplify customers' operations.

Mozilla uses InfluxDB to collect Firefox OS automation, regression, testing, app and device performance metrics.


MuleSoft uses InfluxDB to power its Anypoint Monitoring solution to gain visibility into APIs and integrations.


Muzzley uses InfluxDB to enable environment testing across devices for its intelligent IoT platform.


NAV uses InfluxDB to collect 60M metrics daily from 3,000 servers from its private cloud solution.


NIST uses InfluxDB to log and analyze physics experiment data from its quantum information experiments.


NTT Communications uses InfluxDB to improve visibility and capacity planning by collecting data centers' metrics.

NTT Communications

Nanometrics uses InfluxDB to monitor its software to identify problems and improve scalability within its apps.


NetApp uses InfluxDB to provide its SRE team with infrastructure monitoring.


Netvlies uses InfluxDB as a datastore to monitor its 40 LAMP servers and dedicated VPS servers.


Network to Code uses the TICK Stack to improve network monitoring by enhancing reliability and security.

Network to Code

Nobl9 uses InfluxDB to support its SRE tools and services, integrating it with the existing ecosystem.


NodeSource uses InfluxDB to run extreme levels of Node.js processes by improving app visibility and security.


Nordstrom uses InfluxDB to monitor its e-commerce site to improve operations and customer experience.


Northwestern Mutual uses InfluxDB for mandatory Microsoft Dynamics 365 performance tests for real-time insights.

Northwestern Mutual

Novatec uses InfluxDB to power its OpenAPM initiative which informs users about available tools.


Nutanix uses InfluxDB to help keep its teams productive and to provide customers with automation frameworks.


Objective uses InfluxDB as its datastore for metrics to monitor and manage its backend infrastructure.


Olympus Controls uses InfluxDB to automate predictive maintenance.

Olympus Controls

Onefootball uses InfluxDB to monitor its constantly changing cloud infrastructure in real time.


Optum uses InfluxDB to monitor its infrastructure with flexibility to meet the needs of various teams.


Oracle uses InfluxDB to provide managed infrastructure services as its dev teams shift to containers.


PayPal uses InfluxDB as its scalable end-to-end monitoring solution and to power its ML models.


Paychex uses InfluxDB to monitor Kubernetes and its Red Hat OpenShift infrastructure and services.


Peak Signals uses InfluxDB to gain visibility into telecommunications equipment and for training and analysis purposes.

Peak Signals

Penn State uses InfluxDB to store Nagios metrics and to streamline and simplify its DevOps practices.

Penn State

Pinnacle 21 uses InfluxDB to enable better DevOps monitoring by providing better visibility into their servers.

Pinnacle 21 by Certara

PipelineFX uses InfluxDB to measure disk, node and performance utilization and to provide better customer insights.


Playtech uses InfluxDB to enable predictive monitoring and alerting of early outages and security breaches.


Playtika uses InfluxDB to dynamically monitor its social gaming platform and improve developer productivity.


Portable uses InfluxDB to replace thousands of reduced-resolution dataset files for its Instant Mining Platform.

Portable Instant Mining Platform

Power Logistics uses InfluxDB to store power monitoring data at a rate of 3200 metrics/second.

Power Logistics

Prescient uses InfluxDB to handle time-stamped data.

Prescient Devices

ProcessOut uses InfluxDB to analyze payment data, proactively monitor and alert customers based on activity.


Proserve uses InfluxDB for real-time analytics to focus on business continuity and transition for its customers.


Madberry uses the TICK Stack to perform monitoring and alerting tasks, and to ensure system health.


R&D Denmark uses InfluxDB to provide test systems for Aerospace and Wind energy industries.

R&D Denmark

RTI uses InfluxDB to create a custom industrial monitoring solution for customers by collecting sensor data.

Real-Time Innovations (RTI)

Red Hat uses InfluxDB and Flux for better real-time monitoring of their networks to improve performance and to understand utilization better.

Red Hat

RedBlink uses InfluxDB to collect streaming app usage statistics and to ensure contract obligations are met.


ReproConnect uses InfluxDB to collect real-time software and infrastructure metrics and to improve internal monitoring strategies.


RingCentral uses InfluxDB to monitor its complex infrastructure and to enable teams' self-service monitoring needs.


Rise uses InfluxDB to collect real-time metrics from its home improvement website and its networking platform.


Riverbed uses InfluxDB to collect applications, traces and infrastructure metrics generated from logs in Riverbed's APM.

Riverbed Technology

Robinhood built a real-time risk monitoring system using Telegraf and InfluxDB.


Robonect uses InfluxDB for monitoring and as the backbone to its autonomous backup system.


Flavian Rosca uses InfluxDB to monitor 10+ servers and applications and to stress-test applications.

Rosca Holdings Group

Row44 uses InfluxDB as a backup to large monitoring systems and to detect critical system issues.


Rune Labs' platform collects real-time data that helps patients better understand the day-to-day lives of those with Parkinson's.

Rune Labs

SAP uses InfluxDB to monitor its multi-cloud application platform and for infrastructure performance testing.


SITAONAIR uses InfluxDB to enable billing and product optimization by collecting hotspot consumption data aboard aircrafts.


SPR Consulting uses InfluxDB to power its monitoring solution which collects clients' app and system metrics.

SPR Consulting

ST Solutions uses InfluxDB to power its vehicle performance monitoring solution by collecting IoT data.

ST Solutions

Sapinet uses InfluxDB for hardware, infrastructure and network monitoring to ensure service update for its customers.


Scalingo uses InfluxDB to collect metrics (CPU, RAM, network) needed by customers for accurate decision handling.


SeaBits uses InfluxDB and an open marine standard to provide real-time boating insights and visualizations.


Sendo uses InfluxDB for website monitoring and for testing its cloud-native backend infrastructure tool's performance.


Sensors Connect uses InfluxDB to collect sensor metrics from its air quality index collecting ecosystem.

Sensors Connect

Sensu uses InfluxDB to extract and store metrics from its open source monitoring event pipeline.


Seoul Weather uses InfluxDB to store weather, pollution and IoT metrics and to analyze ML algorithms.

Seoul Weather

Serko is storing SLIs in InfluxDB, proactively catching latency and errors.


ShockIT uses InfluxDB to collect sensor data and to improve the performance of its IoT solutions.


Siemens uses InfluxDB to store wind energy IoT sensor data for its renewable power platform.


SmarTap uses InfluxDB to collect IoT metrics from entire water systems, including water pressure and temperature.


Smarsh uses InfluxDB to collect infrastructure metrics for its cloud-based archiving, compliance and e-discovery platform.


Smart Flows uses InfluxDB to collect millions of radio emissions metrics hourly to determine service uptimes.

Smart Flows

SolarCity uses InfluxDB for real-time IoT and infrastructure monitoring of its renewable energy field devices.


Something Digital uses InfluxDB to monitor its e-commerce platform and to gain visibility into business metrics.

Something Digital

SoundsReal uses InfluxDB to collect metrics from its R&D projects and from its turnkey IoT solutions.

SoundsReal R&D

SpareFoot uses InfluxDB to simplify its DevOps practices by storing app, servers and container metrics.


Spiio uses InfluxDB to collect software and IoT sensor metrics from its green wall installations.


Spreedly uses InfluxDB to track service usage and to provide customers with billing and quota insights.


Storj Labs uses InfluxDB to collect metrics from its decentralized cloud object storage product.

Storj Labs

StreamGuys uses InfluxDB to collect metrics from its streaming platform and to improve customer transparency.


Switch uses InfluxDB to power its automation technology which helps credit card issuers improve card revenue.


Switchboard uses InfluxDB to monitor production data and ETL pipelines for marketing and user activity analysis.

Switchboard Software

Sysbee uses InfluxDB and Telegraf to power its stable, secure and scalable DevOps monitoring solution.


TCS IP2 uses InfluxDB to gather inputs from sensors in utility control systems and advanced, proprietary industrial analytics.


Tavisca uses InfluxDB as a centralized app for user profile and authentication management and real-time analytics.


Tazedirekt uses InfluxDB to find application bottlenecks and improve its operations platform to power technical decisions.

Techify Solutions uses InfluxDB to fulfill DevOps monitoring needs for customized enterprise and consumer cloud-first applications.

Techify Solutions

TGM uses InfluxDB to collect sensor data from home automation projects (solar power systems, house batteries).

Technologisches Gewerbemuseum

Telefonica uses InfluxDB to provide metrics-based insights to its private customers about their projects.


Gravitational (now Teleport) uses InfluxDB to deploy and scale-out its portable Kubernetes monitoring solution.


Ten-X uses InfluxDB for log monitoring and analysis of its commercial and residential real estate platform.


Texas Instruments uses InfluxDB to monitor and improve product and quality assurance by discovering operational inefficiencies.

Texas Instruments

Thales Alenia Space uses InfluxDB to ingest satellite data and process it live and in replay.

Thales Alenia Space

Thales DIS Finland uses InfluxDB to extract data from old industrial machines powering passport issuance services.

Thales DIS Finland Oy

Tignis uses InfluxDB to power its IIoT analytics platform that improves performance and enables predictive maintenance.


Tokopedia uses InfluxDB to collect real-time application metrics about its 2 million monthly users' behavior.


ToolsLib uses InfluxDB to monitor AdwCleaner usage and efficiency to remove adware and other unwanted programs.


TurnCommerce uses InfluxDB for network monitoring while setting up one of the largest DNS installations.


Ubiquitous uses InfluxDB to collect app, logs and tracing metrics to power its e-commerce alerting platform.


UltraLinq uses InfluxDB to uphold security and HIPAA requirements for its cloud medical imaging management solution.

UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions

The University of Chicago uses the CI framework hooks to introduce time series data points through a NodeJS "influx" client library.

University of Chicago

Unix Edge uses InfluxDB to collect IIoT performance data to keep chemical plants and refineries safe.

Unix Edge

Vaniday uses InfluxDB to create an APM solution for its .NET microservices supporting its wellness platform.


Vantage Circle uses InfluxDB to monitor its HR platform through better log analysis of web apps.

Vantage Circle

Veeam uses InfluxDB to improve monitoring of its backup, disaster recovery and data management software.

Veeam Software

Vera C. Rubin Observatory uses InfluxDB to monitor its telescope, camera, software and image data.

Vera C. Rubin Observatory

Veritas uses InfluxDB to enable time series forecasting at scale (70,000 metrics per day).

Veritas Technologies

Vleemo uses InfluxDB to collect IoT data from wind turbines powering its renewable energy analysis platform.


Volvo uses InfluxDB to build custom DevOps monitoring tools so that they can proactively detect issues and resolve them faster.


Vonage uses InfluxDB to improve its monitoring, gain visibility and achieve 99.999% availability for its customers.


VÖKBY Bredband uses InfluxDB to collect devices' bandwidth, packets, CPU, memory, storage, sFlow and DNS stats.

Vökby Bredband

WMG uses InfluxDB to improve visibility, productivity, analytics and performance of industrial IIoT manufacturing systems.


WP Engine uses InfluxDB to build a new observability platform that provides them with improved monitoring of their operations.

WP Engine

WVNET uses InfluxDB to overhaul the DevOps monitoring of its internet and video services.


Walmart Labs uses InfluxDB and Kubernetes to create a seamless in-store and online experience for shoppers.

Walmart Labs

Wattvision uses InfluxDB to track energy usage data from IoT sensors in customers' properties and businesses.


WayKonect uses InfluxDB to store raw telemetry data that powers its driver-centric fleet management platform.


Wayfair uses InfluxDB to monitor its infrastructure and storefront operations 24/7 spread across three data centers.


Web Shop Fly uses InfluxDB for APM monitoring to improve sales of online flight tickets.

Web Shop Fly

WOW! is using the purpose-built time series platform to collect, monitor, and alert on their entire service delivery network.


Worldsensing uses InfluxDB to power its real-time IoT platform which makes cities smarter and safer.


XSellco uses InfluxDB to enable online merchants to sell smarter and become operationally efficient with analytics.


Yad2 uses InfluxDB to monitor the real-time performance of Israel's largest online classified market.


ZI-ARGUS uses InfluxDB to provide Industry 4.0 customers with easier and cheaper deployments.


Zalando uses InfluxDB to monitor the infrastructure and apps supporting its cross-platform online store.


Zimmer uses InfluxDB as a datastore for stock values of precious metals used for trade.


Zoho uses InfluxDB to track its chat app within its platform and to record real-time usage.

Zoho Corporation

Areo uses InfluxDB to collect IoT sensor data for its smart facility management platform.


azeti uses InfluxDB to store time-stamped data which is ultimately used for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.


Browserup uses InfluxDB to aggregate data, to provide real-time observability and to help identify performance issues.


eBay use InfluxDB for DevOps monitoring, real-time analytics, data quality improvements, anomaly detection and traffic prediction.


eSmart Systems collects energy sensor data with InfluxDB used by customers to make data-driven decisions.

eSmart Systems

eSoftThings collects smart meter sensor data with InfluxDB to provide energy savings and consumption insights.


Everis uses InfluxDB to monitor organizations' infrastructure which connects computers and devices across large enterprise networks.


iMetrical uses InfluxDB to gather sensor residential electrical consumption data to discover trends and patterns.


iOffer uses InfluxDB to store and visualize user engagement and operational metrics in real time.


inray uses InfluxDB to connect its OPC Router with almost any industrial and commercial system.


ioWaves uses InfluxDB to provide data storage and visualizations for its zero-configuration SCADA/energy management web solution.


ntop uses InfluxDB to provide better network visibility by enabling comprehensive traffic analysis and flow collection.


Tado uses InfluxDB to power its IoT platform, provide user reports and improve energy efficiencies.


vBridge uses InfluxDB and Telegraf to collect and store backend metrics from Pure Storage and 3Par storage arrays.



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