Real-Time Insights at Any Scale with InfluxDB on AWS

Exceptional performance on the cloud platform you trust

Data collection at scale

InfluxDB keeps pace with the speed and scale of data generation, ingesting millions of data points every second.

Real-time query response

Data is immediately available for querying in InfluxDB, enabling real-time SQL queries and responses.

Keep your data longer

InfluxDB uses a columnar approach and Apache Parquet to deliver superior data compression so you can keep more data with less space.

Options for all AWS developers—
any workload, any scale

InfluxDB Cloud
Dedicated on AWS

Ideal for: Enterprise workloads

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Our fully-managed, single-tenant version of InfluxDB 3.0, available on AWS, gives you dedicated infrastructure, enhanced security options, customizable cluster configurations, disaster recovery support, and more. 

InfluxDB Cloud
Serverless on AWS

Ideal for: Small/growing workloads

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The power and performance of InfluxDB 3.0 in multi-tenant, fully-managed infrastructure on AWS. InfluxDB Cloud Serverless scales with your growing workloads and you only pay for what you use.

Amazon Timestream for InfluxDB

Ideal for: Low-cardinality workloads

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Run your single-node instance of InfluxDB Open Source (2.x) on fully-managed AWS infrastructure. Seamlessly integrate time series analytics with your current AWS tools and services, all from within the AWS console. Learn More

Connect to what matters

Leverage open source

Built on open source technologies, InfluxDB integrates with a wide range of tools so you can leverage best-in-breed solutions, including visualization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Arrow ecosystem.

AWS tools and services

Ingest data from AWS services and combine InfluxDB analytics with AWS tools to create data pipelines. Keep your data where it needs to be to generate critical insights, all within the AWS ecosystem.

Mission-critical applications run on time series data

Monitoring and observability

Track mission-critical systems and devices to gain performance insights. Identify and resolve bottlenecks, troubleshoot issues, and take informed action before impacting users.

Real-time IoT insights and analytics

InfluxDB handles the scale of IoT/OT workloads to identify patterns, power predictive models, drive automation, and turn real-time and historical data into insights and action.

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What our customers are saying


"The solution should be for a purpose. If you want to manage time series data, InfluxDB is the best for it. As data is written in real-time, you can read in real-time, and when you're reading it, you can apply your machine learning model. So, in real-time, you can forecast, and you can detect anomalies."

Rajeev Tomer
Sr. Manager of Data Engineering, Capital One


"With InfluxDB Cloud Dedicated, the great thing is that we don’t need to think about storage costs or usage anymore because data storage gets way cheaper."

Ricardo Kissinger
Head of IT Infrastructure and IT Security, ju:niz


"Because we were based on InfluxDB and we had virtually no limit on the data we could ingest, we were able to collect the data more frequently."

Thomas Deliquié
CTO, Teréga

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InfluxDB and AWS: scale your cloud infrastructure and time series analytics

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