Virtual Training Videos


InfluxQL Shorts Part 2

In this short video, Regan Kuchan will introduce the basics of InfluxQL, InfluxDB's SQL-like query language, focusing on the WHERE clause to filter fields and tags. Recorded December 2016.


InfluxQL Shorts Part 1

In this short video, Regan Kuchan will introduce the basics of InfluxQL, InfluxDB's SQL-like query language, focusing on the SELECT clause and the FROM clause. Recorded November 2016.


Getting Started with Time-Series and InfluxDB Fundamentals

In this course we’ll lay the groundwork for working with time series data in InfluxDB and what it makes it unique from document, RDBMS and other datastores. At the conclusion of the hour participants will understand the basics of time-series data, how to install InfluxDB, how to write data to and query data from InfluxDB, plus how to construct their own queries. This course is good for anyone just getting started with InfluxDB and is a prerequisite for the other courses in the series.


Mastering the InfluxDB CLI and Configuration Options

In this session you’ll get detailed instructions plus tricks and tips on how to level up your InfluxDB CLI skills, plus explore the obvious and not so obvious configuration options of InfluxDB. Updated on Sept 15, 2016.


How to Migrate from InfluxDB 0.8 and Up to 0.13

If you are in production with 0.8 or greater, and want to migrate to 1.0 to take advantage of the new TSM storage engine, this talk is for you. Jack Zampolin recaps the differences between storage engines, a few simple migration examples that highlight how to think about datatypes, storage, schema design and scripting data transformations.


InfluxDB Performance Tuning and Schema Design Seminar

In this session you’ll get immersed in the fundamentals of InfluxDB query language, tuning queries for performance plus strategies for effective schema design. Also, covered are the enhancements to the new query engine in v0.10. Updated Oct 7, 2016.


Getting Started with InfluxDB Continuous Queries and Retention Policies

Interested in downsampling data on the fly and cycling out high resolution data to save on storage? In this session, you’ll get an overview of how continuous queries work, use cases for when to use them and how to effectively manage your data using retention policies. Updated on August 19, 2016


Intro to the Telegraf Collector and an Overview of the Plugin Ecosystem

In this session you’ll learn how to install and configure Telegraf, InfluxDB’s native data collector that supports over 80 inputs and outputs. Also covered in this session are practical demonstrations of how to send data from a variety of systems, apps, databases and services in the appropriate format to InfluxDB. Finally, tips and tricks on how to write your own plugins. Updated July 13, 2016.


Introduction to Kapacitor for Alerting and Anomaly Detection

In this session you’ll get detailed overview of Kapacitor, InfluxDB’s native data processing engine. We’ll cover how to install, configure and build custom TICKscripts enable alerting and anomaly detection. Recorded Oct 24, 2016