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Jamie Milton

Community Showcase / InfluxAces Jamie Milton Senior Analytics Consultant at Fort Digital Jamie Milton is an Analytics Consultant with a background in IT Infrastructure engineering who has never come across a problem he can’t solve (or make worse) with some scripting. When …

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David Flanagan

Community Showcase / InfluxAces David Flanagan Senior Developer Advocate at Equinix Metal David is a Senior Developer Advocate at Equinix Metal and a member of the Kubernetes organization and release team. As a professional technology magpie, David was an early adopter of …

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Logan Zhu

Community Showcase / InfluxAces Logan Zhu Software Developer at ByteDance Logan Zhu works as a software developer at ByteDance. He is a super enthusiast about time series who strongly remains interested in such data tools (collection, storage and analytics). As a contributor …

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