InfluxDB is the time series platform for developers.

Made for developers to build time-series-based applications quickly and at scale.

API and toolset

API and toolset

Get started quickly with more capability and less code. Take advantage of a single RESTful API supported across the entire platform, so you can write once and deploy in multiple places. Accelerate development with client libraries, native SQL support, open source and Flight SQL integrations, and more.


Time series engine

Get any data – metrics, events, logs, traces – from any source – systems, sensors, databases, networks, etc. – and store it in a database capable of ingesting millions of data points per second and performing real-time analytics. InfluxDB can handle unlimited cardinality data to deliver value from large, complex datasets.

Time series engine
Community and ecosystem

Community & ecosystem

InfluxDB includes a massive community & ecosystem of cloud and open source developers to help you work the way you want to. Choose the tools and integrations that make your apps shine and fit the way you work. Use Flight SQL to extend the benefits of InfluxDB to other ecosystems.