Why use InfluxDB Enterprise

InfluxDB Enterprise is the solution for running the InfluxDB platform on your own infrastructure. Priced based on total cores needed to run your workload, this subscription turns any InfluxDB instance into a production-ready cluster.

Optimized for your needs

Choose the balance between scalability, performance, and availability to meet the needs of your time series workloads.

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Control your infrastructure

Bring your own infrastructure to ensure that your capacity, compute, and security align with your organizational requirements.


Work the way you do

No matter how you build your apps, InfluxDB Enterprise includes services (APIs, client libraries, integrations) that make development easy.

InfluxDB features

InfluxDB Enterprise features

InfluxDB Enterprise includes closed source features designed to run by you on your infrastructure — on-premises, private cloud, public cloud, or edge.

High availability

InfluxDB Enterprise includes a clustered version of the InfluxDB database. Clustering enables data to be sharded across nodes and provides the technical infrastructure to support service availability where having guaranteed access to and reacting to your metrics and events is required. This is key to support uptime SLAs and situations where data loss is unacceptable.

Horizontal scalability

Clustering can also be used to shard data across multiple servers, allowing reads and queries to run through different servers to increase scalability of the entire system. The number of data nodes can easily be expanded to support new workloads.

Fine-grained access control

Role-based access control restricts or allows specific users, or groups of users, from performing certain tasks. This provides increased security: the desired level of security can be maintained by role and makes it easier for administrators to grant and remove access

Enterprise LDAP and OAuth support

InfluxDB Enterprise supports LDAP and OAuth, an open standard for token-based authentication and authorization. This capability allows you to hook into any enterprise OAuth provider, like Google or Okta, for seamless access control.

Incremental backup

Incremental backup and restore capabilities allow you to backup only the data that has changed since the last backup. This reduces the amount of time needed for daily backups, the amount of disk storage, and bandwidth usage when backing up over a network. You can backup at any time without interrupting any processes. And full backups are only triggered after stopping the database instance and manually backing it up.

Enterprise support

An InfluxDB Enterprise subscription connects you to a skilled team of software professionals who have deep expertise in running all the components of the software, including support for the complete underlying open source core platform and covering the entire lifecycle — from development and proof-of-concept to QA/test to production and deployment.

Deployment flexibility

InfluxDB Enterprise fits with any infrastructure strategy. It’s completely written in Go and distributed as a set of binary files. This allows for the software to be installed and deployed in almost any infrastructure, whether on-premise, in a private cloud (e.g., AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM), a public cloud or virtual private cloud.


InfluxDB Enterprise is available as an annual subscription based on the total number of server nodes and the cores per node needed to run your workload. For more information on pricing please visit our pricing page.

InfluxDB Insights

InfluxDB Insights continuously sends key InfluxDB health metric information and (optionally) log details from InfluxDB Enterprise to the cloud-based InfluxData operations center, where this information is then visible to InfluxData Support. Reduce diagnostic support burdens and increase resolution times with InfluxDB Insights.


Works in your environment

With a powerful set of ingestion agents, client libraries and APIs you can get data from everywhere.


InfluxDB Enterprise uses Telegraf for both collecting and sending metrics and events from databases, applications, systems and IoT sensors. Telegraf is a plugin-driven server agent with over 300 plugins. It is written in Go and compiles into a single binary with no external dependencies, and requires a very minimal memory footprint.

Client Libraries

Access InfluxDB Enterprise via a set of powerful client libraries. Currently, there are client libraries for Arduino, C#, Go, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Node.js, PHP, Python, R, Ruby, Scala, and Swift.


InfluxDB Enterprise can be accessed programmatically through a robust set of APIs. These APIs are common across InfluxDB Enterprise, InfluxDB Open Source, and InfluxDB Cloud allowing you to write code once and run it either locally against an enterprise or open source version of the database or against the elastic database as a service — InfluxDB Cloud.
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