InfluxDB is purpose-built for developers

Programmable and performant with a common API across OSS, Cloud, and Enterprise offerings, InfluxDB gives you high granularity, high scale, and high availability.

Capture, analyze, and store millions of points per second, and use our powerful language — Flux — to see across all your data sources. Did we mention it was hella fast?

Latest technical articles
Track Fortnite Player Performance with InfluxDB, Telegraf and Python
Although I'm not much of a gamer, ever since my middle-school-aged son introduced me to the online game Fortnite, I've been having a blast as I improve my skills week by week. It turns out I'm not alone as my old college friends, now with kids of their own, team ...
Getting Started: Writing Data to InfluxDB
This is a beginner’s tutorial for how to write static data in batches to InfluxDB 2.0 using these three methods: Uploading data via the InfluxDB UI Importing directly into InfluxDB Using Telegraf and the Tail plugin Before beginning, make sure you’ve either installed InfluxDB OSS or have registered for a ...
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