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Start today with InfluxDB and integrate applications that leverage time-stamped data.


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InfluxDB Cloud is free to start, easy to use, fast, serverless, and has elastic scalability.

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InfluxDB Cloud quick-start guide

Build and run time series apps in practice with our collection of in-depth docs.

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Watch our intro videos

Master the essentials of the InfluxDB platform with our Getting Started series.

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Build and run time series apps

Cloud Services

Work in the cloud service of your choice.

Client Libraries

InfluxDB client libraries are language-specific packages that integrate with the InfluxDB v2 API.


Seamlessly connect with 300+ plugins to the platforms that make sense to you.

InfluxDB tools

The platform comprises a powerful time series database and a suite of tools to collect, analyze, and act on streaming data in real time.


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