InfluxData is dedicated to the principles of Open Source Software and to our developer community. Here developers can find documentation, software repositories, and additional resources on InfluxData’s products including TICK Stack, InfluxCloud, and Telegraf. Our communities have a wealth of experience, and we can answer your development questions and share the tips of InfluxData gurus.

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The Sandbox is the quickest way to download the complete InfluxData platform all packaged together in one place.

Open Source

Each component of the InfluxData platform or TICK Stack is on github and available via a simple download.


InfluxCloud’s 14 DAY FREE trial is the fastest way for you to start using the complete InfluxData Platform.

Get Answers


The documentation is filled with getting started advice, and advice on each component of the TICK stack. Start with Chronograf which provides the user interface component of InfluxData platform.


Need technical questions answered? Want to share your experiences with others in the community? Then come join and participate in the community dedicated to all things related to monitoring metrics and events.


Need a technical answer, want to connect with other Influxers? Come hang out with us on InfluxData Community Slack workspace. Our workspace is public, so join us today.

Stay Informed


Find a Time Series Meetup in your area. If you are already a meetup organizer and looking for a speaker, or what us to sponsor your meetup, we are up for that as well!


We have regular online training that is for the novice to the expert. Pull up a chair and join us for an upcoming training.


Want to be part of the movement driving the platform forward? We are open source and welcome your contributions.

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