InfluxDB is purpose-built for developers

Programmable and performant with a common API across OSS, Cloud, and Enterprise offerings, InfluxDB gives you high granularity, high scale, and high availability.

Capture, analyze, and store millions of points per second, and use our powerful language — Flux — to see across all your data sources. Did we mention it was hella fast?

Latest technical articles
Get Inspired by Solutions Built on InfluxDB
InfluxDB is a platform for builders. While InfluxDB is designed to be powerful, its true potential is unlocked when developers build unique solutions with the InfluxDB platform at their core. At InfluxData, we are constantly amazed and inspired by the solutions, tools and products our community of customer and open ...
Running InfluxDB 2.0 and Telegraf Using Docker
While the Docker buzz has faded a bit, replaced by new words like “Kubernetes” and “Serverless”, there is no arguing that Docker is the default toolchain for developers looking to get started with Linux containers, as it is fairly ubiquitous and tightly integrated with a variety of platforms. Linux containers ...
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