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12 Best Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Tools

This post was written by Mercy Kibet, a full-stack developer with a knack for learning and writing about new and intriguing tech stacks. In today’s fast-paced world, applications are vital for driving businesses forward. However, without proper monitoring and insights into...

Jay Clifford

Tutorial: Modifying Grafana's Source Code

This article was originally published on and is reposted here with permission. A story of exploration and guesswork So this blog is a little different from my usual tutorials… A little background: I have been working with Jacob Marble to...


TensorFlow Lite Tutorial: How to Get Up and Running

The TensorFlow framework, developed by Google, is one of the most important platforms for creating deep neural network research and for training machine learning algorithms. Generally, it runs on the server side using powerful GPUs, consuming power and a lot of...


Getting Started with Home Assistant Webhooks

This post was written by Suleiman Abubakar Sadeeq, an ambitious react developer learning and helping to build enterprise apps. For someone already familiar with Home Assistant, you may know how much ease it brings to a lot of our daily activities...

Charles Mahler

7 Data Modeling Best Practices

This article was originally published in The New Stack and is reposted here with permission. While you can often get away without much planning on smaller projects, when building complex software it becomes essential for success. And probably the most important...

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