Real-time visibility into stacks, sensors and systems

InfluxDB is the open source time series database

Built for developers

InfluxDB is easy to start and easy to scale; purpose-built and optimized for time to awesome.

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Trusted by Ops

Acting on time series data is easy with InfluxDB — deep insights for unified metrics and events.

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Vital to business

Capture and analyze untapped data from virtual and physical assets to seize new opportunities.

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InfluxDB databases running right now

Time series is the fastest growing database category


Infrastructure and application monitoring

Hit your most demanding SLAs and deliver improved experiences.

Coupa Software

"InfluxDB Cloud is providing improved visibility across areas where we previously couldn’t see, allowing us to proactively identify and fix issues before customers find them."

Sanket Naik
VP of Cloud Operations and Security • Coupa

"InfluxDB is a high-speed read and write database. So think of it. The data is being written in real-time, you can read in real-time, and when you’re reading it, you can apply your machine learning model. So, in real-time, you can forecast, and you can detect anomalies."

Rajeev Tomer
Sr. Manager of Data Engineering • Capital One
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"Measurements help us make educated, data-driven decisions quickly. They are what keeps us in business. It drives the need for products like InfluxDB. If you can’t measure something to get results, you can’t possibly get better at it. Worse yet, you won’t know what you should be focusing on."

Dennis Brazil
SRE Monitoring • PayPal

IoT monitoring and analytics

Chart a path to automation and autonomy with InfluxDB.

spiio logo small

“As more people populate cities and miss nature, nature is moving to the city. But for nature cities to be a reality, we need to understand greenery performance from data. That’s why Spiio is using InfluxData to accelerate the green revolution.”

Jens-Ole Graulund
CTO • Spiio
tado logo small

"Customers realize that the new user report generated with InfluxDB is cool and very fast, so they will use it more."

Florian Rampp
Technical Lead • tado°

"On scalability, we wanted to grow from monitoring about 1,000 units at first to 20 million units by 2020. So we also needed the system to be reliable and stable while growing between those two points. And we needed it to be fast, both for data collection and querying."

David McLean
Senior Developer • BBOXX
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Innovator spotlight

Real-time analytics produces real business value for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Our technical services team is now able to align performance with the fiduciary aspects of infrastructure operation.

Robert Allen
Director of Engineering • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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    Register to Join us for Time Series Meetup: The Virtual Edition - event for everyone who is passionate or curious about time series data and how it can be used.Register now


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Available as InfluxDB open source, InfluxDB Cloud & InfluxDB Enterprise

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