InfluxData provides the leading time series platform to instrument, observe, learn and automate any system, application and business process across a variety of use cases.

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Using GraphQL with InfluxDB and Flux

In a previous post, we showed you how to make Flux queries in a Rails app. In this post, we’ll extend that knowledge to use GraphQL in a Rails app which leverages the power of Flux to query InfluxDB. This allows the client to fine-tune the results of an underlying...

Why I Joined InfluxData

It’s a tradition for new employees at InfluxData to write a blog post on why they joined. This will probably be the easiest post I write all year. I’m Jim Walsh. I joined InfluxData as SVP of Engineering, enabling the co-founder and CTO Paul Dix to focus on his role...

It’s Meant to Be: Why I Joined InfluxData

Full disclosure, I was one day away from signing another offer when I first met with Evan Kaplan, the CEO of InfluxData. However, after that conversation, I was so inspired by the combination of product, people, culture, and opportunity that I was all-in on Influx...

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