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Jessica Wachtel

Optimize Equipment with Data-Driven Analytics

We want machines in good working order, making products of superior quality. This isn’t news. But what is newsworthy is that routine maintenance can still lead to more downtime than necessary. Not all maintenance programs are created equally. Keeping capital equipment...

Jason Myers

A Strategic Approach to Replacing Data Historians

Recently, I wrote an article discussing why industrial organizations should migrate from legacy data historians to modern, open source technologies. The reasons for such a migration remain valid; however, it dawned on me that such a heavy-handed approach is not always...

Jessica Wachtel

Optimize Industrial IoT Data with InfluxDB and AWS

The modern factory’s relationship with data is experiencing a major change. Data now shapes the future rather than only telling the story of the past. The language inside the factory sounds like higher Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) as the result of...

Susannah Brodnitz

Intro to OEE

Efficient manufacturing is important for saving companies time, money, and energy. Making decisions based on data can improve efficiency, but there’s a lot of data to sort through. Manufacturing equipment contains many sensors, especially in the IIoT space. Overall Equipment Effectiveness...

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