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From MQTT to InfluxDB with Dapr

In this post, we will take a look at reading data from an MQTT topic and storing it in InfluxDB. We will use Dapr 0.10, which includes both components.

C / C++ Developer Workflow on Windows

Using the Visual Studio Extension for Torizon and Visual Studio 2019 it is easy to set up a highly productive developer workflow for creating Torizon based apps. To demonstrate this, this article will: demonstrate, through an example, how to use the Visual Studio Extension for Torizon: Setup your source code; Configure project and Torizon options; Orchestrate container bring-up with docker-compose.

Backup and restore InfluxDB database into a docker container

I was finding into the web a fast and easy way to backup my live influxDB working into a docker container and restore it into a new docker container to make the test/dev environment, where i can work without care about the data lost, but I didn’t find the full solution of my problem, so after some try I’m find that solution easy and fast.

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