Showcases Category: Go

The Minimal InfluxDB Client in Go

While you can get a proper InfluxDB client library for Go, sometime there’s no substitution for rolling one yourself – especially since InfluxDB’s Line Protocol is really easy.

TorfluxDB: Anonymous metrics from Go

I love metrics, you love metrics, everybody loves metrics… but why? Software became too complex to reason about in isolation: looking at the source doesn’t tell you much about its execution performance; and running the code on your local machine doesn’t tell you much about its deployed performance.

Mainflux Open Source IoT Platform Set up and Usage

Mainflux is a modern, scalable, secure, open source and patent-free IoT cloud platform written in the Go progamming language. It accepts connections over multiple network protocols (i.e. HTTP, MQTT, WebSocket), thus making a seamless bridge between them. It is meant to be used as IoT middleware on top of which sophisticated IoT solutions can be built.

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