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Monitoring temperature and humidity with a Raspberry Pi 3, DHT22 sensor, InfluxDB and Grafana

I recently started looking into ways of monitoring the temperature and humidity in my garage – for two reasons. Firstly, I have my lab workload cluster out there in the form of a Dell C6100, and I’ve noticed with the recent weather that the temperature in there gets…a bit warm. Secondly, I like to brew beer at home, and one of the keys to a good brew is consistent temperature!

Industria 4.0 2017 – Almacenamiento y procesamiento de datos en la nube

SlideShare presentation in Spanish about Industry 4.0 – Presentación del evento Industria 4.0 que Plain Concepts organiza anualmente en Bilbao. Este año hablé de almacenamiento y procesamiento de grandes volumenes de datos, como los que generan las soluciones de monitoriazción e IoT industriales, en la nube. Hablamos de Azure Data Lake, Cosmos DB, SQL Azure y bases de datos de series temporales como InfluxDb y OpenTSDB.

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