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Using the Dapr InfluxDB component

A while ago, I created a component that can write to InfluxDB 2.0 from Dapr. This component is now included in the 0.10 release. In this post, we will briefly look at how you can use it.

Login to pages using python

This video should users how to: login into a (aspx) based website; parse web page data to collect information of interest; insert collected data into influxdb; and visualize data into grafana charts.

Achieving success with Home Assistant, Flux and sensors

My philosophy for home automation from the start has been that the best UI is no UI, meaning that I just want things to work automagically. I don’t want to fiddle buttons or software on a day-to-day basis. Sensors and automations should do most of the work.

Tutorial: How to build an InfluxDB query using Flux?

Process historians are used to gather high-resolution sensor data from industrial controllers like PLCs and SCADA systems. Once the data is collected, it is available for further processing and query building. This blog post describes the use of Flux, a new language for querying InfluxDB, the time series database behind Factry Historian.

High performance python based SNMP poller

In my last post, I wrote a basic SNMP poller using python easysnmp module. To make it more practical and industry ready I have further enriched it with the following.

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