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The Minimal InfluxDB Client in Go

While you can get a proper InfluxDB client library for Go, sometime there’s no substitution for rolling one yourself – especially since InfluxDB’s Line Protocol is really easy.

InfluxDB v2, Flux language and SQL databases

Great new feature of the InfluxDB v2 time series databases and its Flux language : the gateways to SQL databases engines (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server…). More databases drivers to come in future releases.

Registrador de ruido ambiental

Hoy vamos a hacer un sencillo Registrador de Ruido Ambiente. En la primera mitad del artículo usaremos un micrófono y una Raspberry Pi para programarlo con Python y SoX. En la segunda, enviaremos los resultados a InfluxDB Cloud y mostraremos los intervalos de ruido o silencio en Grafana mediante consultas Flux.

Building OHLC trade data using InfluxDB v2 Flux Tasks

If you are streaming financial market data you will quickly accumulate a large amount of tick data which will start to consume large amnounts of storage. Often it’s desirable to resample the data to a format that will be easier to store.


csv2lp is a commandline tool to convert annotated CSV as returned by Flux queries to the InfluxDB line protocol format.

nextract_plus – Output Grafana Graphs

nextract_plus is a Python program that extracts the Power Systems Hardware Management Console (HMC) HMC PCM Performance Statistics about POWER Servers, VIOS and LPARs and outputs the data into InfluxDB which can then be displayed with Grafana.


JJG-ServicesAlerter is a software written in Python designed for alerting you when one or more of your services are down. It will message you by email attaching the last logs but also it will write on InfluxDB, so you can visualize in your Grafana Dashboards is there is any problem with your critical services. In addition, this software will also try to restart the services that are down.

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