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Raspberry Pi 4 Personal Datacentre Part 3: A Self-hosted IoT Data Platform

In this series of posts we show how a Raspberry Pi 4 can be used to create a personal cloud solution that is managed using Ansible and Docker — powerful tools that are used by many large scale cloud platforms, which automate configuration tasks and provide containerisation for applications.


A very lightweight monitoring system for Raspberry Pi clusters running Kubernetes.

InfluxDB v2, Flux language and SQL databases

Great new feature of the InfluxDB v2 time series databases and its Flux language : the gateways to SQL databases engines (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server…). More databases drivers to come in future releases.

Raspberry Pi Weather Project – Displaying data using InfluxDB and Grafana

Back in the summer of 2020 I won a Raspberry Pi with an Air Quality sensor as part of an internal competition to celebrate Earth Day 2020. Having set up the kit I then expanded it to include an additional sensor to capture some other weather related values, using the Raspberry Pi Weather Station project as inspiration.

Remotely accessing boat systems

Accessing your boat remotely is a common desire. Most people can access their home remotely, so it seems like it should be just as easy for your boat. But there are some limitations with the types of connectivity that most boaters have that make it a bit more challenging.

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