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Beautiful smart home dashboards with Grafana

You want to see everything going on in your smart home at one glance? Then you need a smart home dashboard! Smart home control systems like OpenHab and HomeAssistant usually offer nice ways to display important data about your smart home. What they do less well is display data over time or in more complex combinations. Instead Grafana is a great tool you can use to build awesome smart home dashboards independent of the smart home controller you are using.


Nimrod makes his own sourdough and wanted a way to track the temperature and humidity of the bread making environment. To do this he’s set up a system involving rtl_433 on a Raspberry Pi which live streams all of his home temperature/humidity sensor data into InfluxDB. Nimrod’s post is a full tutorial showing how to download and set up each of the programs used in the system, and how to view the data collected with InfluxDBs graphing system.

Telegraf / InfluxDB / Grafana on RaspberryPi – From Scratch

Whether you are looking for a little test bed or an always-on home dashbording system, the RaspberryPi is a great, affordable platform for the TIG-Stack. So let’s ride through all the necessary steps ‘From Zero to Awesome’ in less than one hour.

Grafana: select host for a dashboard

This article explains how in Grafana it is possible to define a variable for a dashboard and this variable can query the data source and use the returned list of values.

TIG Stack on Raspberry Pi 4

This article is not intended to explain in detail how an Ansible Playbook should work, but rather to be a good example following my first article on the subject. So for those who feel a little lost with what will follow, don’t panic, we will have the opportunity to come back to it in detail in a future article.

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