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Nigel Griffiths

Community Showcase / InfluxAces Nigel Griffiths Advanced Technology Specialist at IBM Power Systems Nigel Griffiths enjoys programming and the challenge of making computers go as fast as possible including very large servers with massive databases. Nigel has many decades of IT experience …

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Jorge de la Cruz

Community Showcase / InfluxAces Jorge de la Cruz Systems Engineer at Veeam Software Jorge de la Cruz is a Systems Engineer, husband, and father living in the UK. He has been an active blogger since 2011 and his main expertise, when not …

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Antoine Solnichkin

Community Showcase / InfluxAces Antoine Solnichkin Software Engineer at Goodyear Antoine is an experienced software engineer and aspiring enterprise architect in Luxembourg. On a daily basis, he is involved in architecting, developing and maintaining large industrial projects with complex needs. He specializes …

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Matt Iverson

Community Showcase / InfluxAces Matt Iverson Site Reliability Engineer at Optum Matt Iverson is a Site Reliability Engineer at Optum. While at work, Matt spends his time creating and implementing ideas and solutions to increase reliability within the organization. In his free …

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Jim Hagan

Community Showcase / InfluxAces Jim Hagan Enterprise Solution Consultant at New Relic Jim Hagan is a Boston-based Enterprise Solution Consultant with New Relic. He has 20 years of experience as a software engineer, with expertise in geospatial technology and time series analytics. …

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Sebastian Borza

Community Showcase / InfluxAces Sebastian Borza Software Developer at Serverless Sebastian Borza is a software developer dedicated to metrics-driven engineering where proper data collection, storage and visualization help drive the narrative. Working as a linux systems administrator for many years Sebastian was …

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