Nigel Griffiths

Nigel Griffiths

Advanced Technology Specialist at IBM Power Systems

Nigel Griffiths enjoys programming and the challenge of making computers go as fast as possible including very large servers with massive databases. Nigel has many decades of IT experience from C programmer, UNIX Kernel porting, RDBMS DBA, bench-marking, new product introduction. He is a technical evangelist on IBM Power Systems Servers. He’s also the original developer of the popular nmon tool for AIX and Linux, and has supported users for two decades. Since 2018, Nigel has been developing njmon. This tool saves even more operating system performance stats in to the time-series InfluxDB and using Grafana for graphing. The combined nmon and njmon project hit 1 million downloads in September 2020. His claim to fame is that nmon for AIX is now part of the AIX operating system and installed + running by default. Remember the “N” in nmon (and njmon) stands for Nigel. You can find 200+ technical YouTube videos from Nigel.

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