Training Category: Getting Started

Introduction to the TICK Stack and InfluxDB Enterprise

In this tutorial, we will lay the groundwork for working with time series data in InfluxDB and what it makes it unique from document, RDBMS and other datastores. At the conclusion of the hour participants will understand the basics of time-series data, how to install InfluxDB, how to write data to and query data from InfluxDB, and how to construct their own queries. This course is good for anyone just getting started with InfluxDB and is a prerequisite for the other courses in the series.

Downsampling Your Data

In this session, you will learn downsampling strategies and techniques for your InfluxDB data. Watch the Webinar Watch the webinar “Downsampling Your Data” by filling out the form and clicking on the download button on the right. This will open the recording.

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